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10 FREE Book Apps for School Age Kids

Cool to be clever free app

Summer is a perfect time to catch up some reading.  For school age kids, many times the readings during school year are dictated by projects and assignments.  Summer is the time kids have the freedom to choose books they want to read. – Of course, with parents’ guidance.  I am putting together two free book app lists.  The first was posted last week 10 Free Book Apps for Pre-school Kids.  It was well received, and has been shared over 1000 times already.  This week, I am putting together a list of Ten Free Book Apps for School Age Kids.  The books cover a wide range of subjects and genre, hope you can find at least one that your child will like. 

Ten Free Book Apps for School Age Kids

Aesop for Children with Pictures by Milo WinterAesop for children: a different one from that in 10 Free Book Apps for Pre-school Kids.  This one is from Library of Congress.  There are over140 classic fables, with beautiful illustrations and light interactivities.  There is no narration in the app, kids have to read it by themselves.  A great read aloud book.

WWF TogetherWWF together: introduces some amazing animals, such as tiger, elephant, panda, with stunning photographs, accompanied with short paragraphs and animal facts. All animals in the app are endangered.  There are some interactive activities in the app. For each animal, there is an cute origami with instruction of how to make it.

Science360Science 360:  not a book in traditional sense, but in my opinion, this is what the books in the future should be like.  Made by National Science Foundation (NSF), this free app has a wealth of information about science around us. All the contents are updated weekly, so you always get the most recent development of science and technology.

Biography ComicsBiography comics who: designed for kids 8 and older, the series has 29 biographies. Two books come with the app for free: Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. The rest are available via In-App Purchase. The right level writting plus funny cartoon expressions make it a fun read for the kids.

Fotopedia National ParkFotopedia national park: there are over 3000 stunning photos of the 58 National Parks in the USA accompanied with park information.  It is a great app to share with kids and together to appreciate what the nature can offer.  You can even use it as a travel planner.

Cool to Be CleverCool to be clever:  tells the true story of Edson Hendricks, who invented early internet concept.  Edson was bullied at school, but found comfort in an imaginary world where he had machine parts, and no biological organs or emotions… A great read about persevere and about bully. 

Sound UncoveredSound uncovered:  a fascinating app takes you explore the many intriguing sound related phenomena, hands on. It is like going through a museum of sound. Do you know what happens when two different notes are played at the same time? The app lets you hear it while you can adjust the two sound sources yourself – fun thing for kids to do.

Journey to the West Monkey KingJourney to the west: adapted from the classic Chinese novel of the same title, it tells the story of  the famous Chinese Monk Xuan Zang who traveled to India to find the holy book of Buddhism. The main character of the first 2 apps is Monkey King: how he was born, and how he found the best weapon for himself. 

Creatures of LightCreature of light: companion app for the popular exhibition Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence, Creature of Light offers a close look at some of the extraordinary organisms that produce light. The interactive animations, stunning pictures and videos are integrated together to reveal the beauty of this amazing natural phenomenon.

Weird But TrueWeird but True: a great read from National Geographics.  There are more than 300 Weird But True kid-friendly facts.  Kids will have a good time reading the facts with wachy sound effects. Used to be a paid app, it is been free for a very long time.  Make sure check the price when you download the app.

Looking for more apps for school age kids? Try the list of Best Science Apps for Elementary Kids Best Elementary Science Apps

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  • Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly August 31, 2013, 4:14 pm

    Great list! I’m always looking for great new (and FREE) apps for my kids that are educational and fun! Thanks for sharing! I’ll glad I saw your post on Pinterest. :)

    • iGameMom September 3, 2013, 12:26 am

      Thanks for visiting and for leaving a note. Got to love Pinterest.

  • Tina July 18, 2013, 3:45 am

    This is a really useful list. I’m not good at keeping up with new apps, so I really appreciate people who do. Thanks for sharing these. I’d love it if you’d come over and share at Booknificent Thursday!

    • iGameMom July 19, 2013, 10:52 pm

      Thank you for the note. I am glad you find it helpful. Will try to make it to Booknificent.

  • Reshama Deshmukh July 18, 2013, 1:10 am

    Wonderful List! I have many of these for DD and so far she is enjoying them (especially with so much free time in summer!) I am going to grab the others as well. I am curious about this particular Aesop Fables.. we have others but i have never seen one that i *really* liked! Thanks for sharing on the hop!

    • iGameMom July 19, 2013, 10:54 pm

      We use this Aesop app for read aloud after dinner. I think it is also good for older kids to read by themselves, as there are not many interactive features, so kids can focus on the reading.

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