20 Ways to Create Monsters to Ease Monster Fears
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20 Ways to Create Monsters to Ease Monster Fears

20 Ways to Create Monsters to Ease Monster Fears post image

Today we share 20 ways to create Monsters. Many young children are afraid of monsters, especially at bedtime. Making monsters is a great way to help them understand monsters are not real, they are created by people like you and me, they are products of our imagination. So while having fun making monsters, please make sure pointing out that there is no real monsters. Hopefully these fun activities will help kids overcome their monster fear.

20 Ways to Make Monsters to Ease Monster Fears

20 ways to create monsters to ease kids monster fears - fun craft activity ideas for kids of all ages. It is also a great way to help kids to ease monster fear. Although these are  sure hits for Halloween season, they are fun indoor activities for anytime of the year.
Create Monster faces

Monsters with Googly Eyes

Fuzzy wuzzy pompom monsters

Cardboard box monsters

Easy monsters for younger kids

Candy corn monsters 

Monsters made with different shapes

A monster craft to go with the book The Monster at the End of This Book.

Monsters based on the book 5 Little Monsters Went to School

Mix and match monsters

For younger kids, they can use these Monster Free Printables

Messy Monster

3D Paper Monsters

Yarn Monster 

Ping pong ball Monsters

Finger puppet Monsters

Play dough Monster

Letter Monsters

Math Monsters with free printables

Another fun way for monster math

Name Monster puppets

What do you do when kids are afraid of monsters?

Looking for monster apps? Check out 25 Monster Themed Learning Apps for Kids
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  • Nicola

    Thanks for including our monsters in your round up! We had such fun with them and they re perfect for little ones!

  • Shelah

    I love the monsters activities. I think I need more monsters in my life.

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