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iGameMom.com is 3-month-old!  In this three months, iGameMom has reached over 600 followers, 11k page visits.  This is so much more than I expected.  Thank you all for your support!  To celebrate the milestone, and to thank YOU - my readers - for your support, iGameMom is going to give one lucky reader a SplashMath Grade 3 App for FREE. To check out the app, go here. How to win: 1. If you have already "LIKE" my Facebook page, please leave a comment… Read More

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, Wee Sing & Learn ABC is free from $2.99 for a limited time.  They say it will be free till Apr.29 (Sunday), but we never know when the developer will reset the price - so get it when you can. From the App Store: Sing your way through the alphabet! The new Wee Sing & Learn ABC app combines original music, animated animals, musical instruments from A to Z, and read-along text to provide parents… Read More


There are so many math apps out there.  It is hard to tell which one is at the right level for my child.  While looking for a math App that is linked with school’s curriculum, I found the SplashMath series. It the series, there is an App for each grade, ranging from grade 1 to 5. All are aligned with state standards.  This takes a lot uncertainty out when parents are trying to decide which app to buy for the kids. … Read More


I reviewed TeenSphere several months ago.  After a group discussion about social well being apps, I went back to this app again.  I saw significant updates that worth a review update. TeenSphere is an app teens can use to access help and consulting to sensitive and challenging questions they face in everyday life.  Some example questions are “I feel really moody – what’s going on?”, “I feel sad a lot.  Am I depressed?”  The app provides answers to these questions without… Read More


Be Confident In Who You Are is a graphic novel targeted at kids 8-14 years old. It addresses topics such as self-consciousness, stress, bullying, fitting in, body image, and sticky issues in friendships. All these issues are presented in an age appropriate manner. The language, story setting, and the solutions the characters come up are all from real life that kids can relate to. There are 8 chapters in the book, each focusing on one topic. As an app, it has nice… Read More

Biography Comics

My son is a good reader. The only problem is he only likes to read mystery or fantasy types. I had been trying to get him read biographies, but he never showed any interest. Amazingly, once he found the Who? Comics and started reading, he could not put it down. Who? Comics is an educational comic book app intended for kids 8 and older. The series includes 29 biographies: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Joanne Rowling, Barack… Read More

If you like Van Gogh and like puzzle games, this is for you.  It says "free for 24 hours" at App Store.  Not sure when it started to be free, download as quickly as you can.  -- Please use the link provided at the bottom of this post. From the App Store: Van Gogh Art work game... in HD! Over 50 paintings from one of the greatest artists EVER to enjoy! Easy -> Hard there is a difficulty for everyone. … Read More

Curious George at the Zoo

This app was release 3 days ago, it is FREE right now. According to the press release, it will be $1.99 after May 1. Features from the App store: George has been asked to help out at the zoo. George needs your help to wake, clean and feed the animals. Pop-up menu: Explore the zoo using a beautiful, interactive 3D Pop-up menu. Listen to lively audio narration by the Man in the Yellow Hat. Animal enclosure: Visit animals in their… Read More

I received a Sunshine Award from Sandra (Riding2horsed).  From her post, I learned "The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who other bloggers feel have been inspiring, positive and offer help where needed.  They basically spread a little sunshine as they walk along their blogging pathway." Thank you Sandra for nominating me!  Sandra's blog title is "Riding 2 Horses - the balancing act called life".  Just reading the title makes you want to read more .... The Sunshine Award comes with a… Read More

6 Story in 1 – The Berenstain Bears’ BIG Bedtime Book post image

Along with Horton Hatches the Egg, Oceanhouse Media introduced another book app: The Berenstain Bears' BIG Bedtime Book. There are 6 bed-time stories in one app. As an introductory special, right now it is only $4.99 for all 6 stories at the App Store. The stories: The 6 stories are classic folk tales retold for the Brother and Sister Bears by their beloved babysitter Mrs. Grizzle, except that bears are substituted as the featured characters rather than the animals of the… Read More

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