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Apps for Kids Age 1-3

Post image for Free Digital Picture Books for Kids from Unite for Literacy

Recently I found a wonderful website that offers free digital picture books for kids: Unite for Literacy. It is a website, so you can access on your computer. It also works well on iPad and iPhone. All books have professional narrations, plus there are more than 20 languages to choose from. When you get on […]

My Monster Mayhem book app for kids

My Monster Mayhem is an interactive book app for young children. It is listed among our 25 Monster Apps for Kids as a monster themed book app. It is a fun read, even if it is not during Halloween season. It is free for limited time, so definitely grab it before the price goes up. […]

PBS Kids Cookie Monster Challenge App

How can you not love Cookie Monster?  Our four year old laughed out loud through this app as Cookie Monster used his signature bad grammar to express various forms of dismay over his lost cookies. Cookie Monster’s Challenge offers a series of brain-building games designed to challenge and engage children ages 3-5 by practicing self-control, […]

101 Animal Puzzles for Kids App

Many kids like to play jigsaw puzzles. Playing puzzles has many developmental benefits for kids. While playing puzzles, kids develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills; learn to understand surrounding environment, recognize shapes, improve memory and problem solving skills; Kids also learn to set goals, and be patient. There are many puzzle apps for kids on […]

Plants by Tinybop

Plants is an interactive diorama about plants in different biomes. Via open ended play, kids learn the eco systems and how plants grow and live in the real world. It is designed by Tinybop, whose first app Human Body was a great success. I love the guided exploratory approach of teaching. There is no lessons to […]

Post image for App Went Free: Build and Test Robot at Toca Robot Lab

We love Toca Boca apps. Although the apps are designed for young children in toddler and preschool age, my older child and myself have always enjoyed playing with Toca apps. I like the design concepts behind their apps – they want their apps be kids’ toys, not games. The difference is playing toys doesn’t follow […]

Post image for Fun Matching Game for Kids – Whose Toes Are Those

Whose Toes are Those is a very fun matching game app for kids – and adults. It is a quick and easy play for kids any age. Kids match animal feet to their heads, which train their observation skills. It is available for both Apple devices and Android devices. It is free for limited time […]

Sago Mini Monsters App

Sago Mini has a series apps designed for very young children. Most of their apps are targeted at toddler and preschool kids, although I always had fun with their apps too. Sago Mini Monsters is a fun creative monster app for the same age group. It is free for limited time on Apple App Store. […]

Moon and Sun Book App

Today we have a lovely book app for kids – Moon and Sun. It is a beautiful picture book for young children, with bright pictures and loving tones. With a story about friendship, Moon and Sun is a great book for bed time story time. It is usually $3.99, and it is free for now. […]

Free App Number Pieces

We have introduced several free math apps as teaching tools before. Today we have another free math app to share: Number Pieces. It visualizes the Base 10 concept on the iPad. It is a great teaching and practice tool for home and school. We used Base10 at home a lot. I loved using it with my child […]

Monki Birthday Party App

All kids like birthday parties. How can we incorporate learnings into the birthday party activities? Monki Birthday Party app gives us quite a few fun ideas. It is an app designed for toddler and preschool kids to learn numbers, words, colors, shapes, and other skills for kids this age. There are 4 activities in the […]

Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings App

PBS is one of the most trusted resources in our family so I generally feel like I’m in good hands with any game or activity they come up with for my pre-schooler.  This Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings is no exception, based on Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, the whole feel  is gentle and sweet.  What’s so special […]

Duckie Deck Baby Tunes

Duckie Deck has developed many apps for very young children, like Duckie Deck Collection. I like their intuitive and innovative designs to engage babies and toddlers and help them develop the skills they need. Baby Tunes is another of their fun apps designed for babies to learn sounds of different objects: cars, airplanes, pigs, monkeys, […]

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise App

Do you like Curious George? We do, and who doesn’t? Today we share a reading app featuring Curious George. It is a new book from the iReadWith series. We have reviewed books in the series before, and loved all the features that helping kids learn, especially those that get kids to talk and make reading a […]

123 Dig App

Do you have a child learning numbers and counting? Does the child like digging? Today we have a fun digging app teaching kids numbers and counting – 123 Dig. Kids will help the Mole Manny to dig out numbers and learn recognizing numbers and counting to 10. When kids open the app, they will see […]

Senda and the Glutton Dragon Book App

Do your kids like dragon? Do they like fantasy stories? If yes, they will like Senda and the Glutton Dragon. It is an interactive story book app designed for kids 5 and younger. The story is short and easy, but fun to read. It is a perfect book for a short car ride or a […]