Apps Teaching Kids Things about Animals

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101 Animal Puzzles for Kids App

Many kids like to play jigsaw puzzles. Playing puzzles has many developmental benefits for kids. While playing puzzles, kids develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills; learn to understand surrounding environment, recognize shapes, improve memory and problem solving skills; Kids also learn to set goals, and be patient. There are many puzzle apps for kids on […]

Post image for Fun Matching Game for Kids – Whose Toes Are Those

Whose Toes are Those is a very fun matching game app for kids – and adults. It is a quick and easy play for kids any age. Kids match animal feet to their heads, which train their observation skills. It is available for both Apple devices and Android devices. It is free for limited time […]

Oink Oink My Crazy Farm App

Playing games, especially well designed games can benefit children in many ways. When I look for games for my child, I look for challenges and fun. Oink Oink – My Crazy Farm is just an app like that. It is easy to understand how to play the game, it is fun to chase the animal […]

The Swamp Where Gator Hides

The Swamp Where Gator Hides is a picture book app executed with lovely depictions of swamp life in the Everglades.  The concept is no frills as book apps for young children should be (says the early childhood librarian who lives deep inside me).  The lovely paintings of the animals are the focus here.  If you touch them […]

Alphabet of Insects

The Alphabet of Insects is an educational book app from the developer Oceanhouse Media. This is an alphabet book that goes through each letter, a to z, sharing a new insect with each new letter.  With the warm weather, your child will have fun reading and learning about new bugs and insects. Kids will have […]

Walking with Dinosaurs

Do your children like dinosaurs? Many children are captivated by these fascinating creatures and there is so much to learn about them. Recently, the Walking with the Dinosaurs franchise revamped their app with better graphics and latest facts, and for limited time, they have it for free.  Even if you are not very interested in […]

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer

Sago Mini is a fun series of apps for kids of all ages, including very young kids. The Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer is free right now. We had a good time playing with it. It is a fun app for kids of any age. If you are looking for something on iPad that is fun […]

MarcoPolo Ocean

Summer is a good time to learn about ocean and ocean animals. MarcoPolo Ocean is the perfect app for that. It takes kids to the fascinating ocean with fun learning activities. Kids will build submersibles and boats, travel the ocean and learn about ocean animals and environments. It is a great learning app for a […]

On beyond bugs all about insects

Do you have a child who like to play with bugs? Or do you have a child who’s afraid of bugs? Spring time is a good time to learn about bugs and get some hands on experience with them. Today we have 10 kids apps about bugs. If your child loves to play with bugs, […]

 A Great Day for Pup

A Great Day for Pup is another book app from Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Learning Library. It is based on the original print book of the same title. We have recently become big fans of Cat in the Hat in our household and this book app was an immediate favorite. It has great […]

Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets

Who doesn’t like playful learning ideas? Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets is a fun learning app for kids around preschool age (3 to 6). Kids learn about animals, letters, practice observation, memory and fine motor skills, all through animal themed fun games. It is free today. When kids open the app, they are asked […]

Disneynature Explore

Disneynature Explore is a wonderful free app for kids to explore and learn about the 5 nature animals included in this app. It is a companion app for the Disney Nature movies. There is a dedicated website for all the Disneynature movies. On the website there are many well designed learning materials that you can have […]

Drawnimal app

Drawnimal is a fun drawing app teaching alphabet. Kids will learn to draw 26 animals, one for each letter. I love it for its simplistic style and funny animations.  I believe you and your child will like it too. It is a great way for kids to learn ABC, and drawing. It is been free […]

National Geographic Young Explorer

Recently I found a wonderful free resource from National Geographic for kids – National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine. It is available for free on their website, and as apps for both iPad and Android devices. There are 7 issues every year. Each issue covers 3 topics about nature, such as rain; plant roots; animals cover […]

Audubon Bird

When it starts to get warm, it is time to move the learning outdoors. There are so many misconceptions that apps are just for indoor learning. In fact, many apps are designed to invite kids going out, explore and learn everything about the wonderful nature. 9 Apps Making Outdoor Science Learning Fun SkyView (Free): kids […]

Jamaroos Musical ABCs

There are so many ways to learn alphabet, and it is never too many if you find a good way to associate words with alphabet for young kids. Jamaroos musical ABCs is a fun alphabet app with a little different musical twist, and it might just be the one your little one will love. The […]