Chemistry Apps for Kids

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The Elements: A Visual Exploration

The Elements: A Visual Exploration is an interactive app designed to help kids learn more about the elements on the periodic table.  It is based on the internationally best-selling hard cover edition of The Elements by Theodore Gray, Popular Science Magazine’s Gray Matter columnist. But the app provides a lot more than a print book can […]

goREACT Free App

I am very excited to find a great free app goREACT. It is designed by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. It lets kids explore the chemical reactions of different elements on mobile devices – safe and fun! It is not only a good learning app for middle and high school students, with the […]


Today’s “Best Educational Apps for Kids” list is Best Science apps for elementary school kids.  I did not include those animal related apps, as there will be a separate list of “Best Educational Apps for Kids” on “Nature and Animals”.  If you know any good science apps for kids age 6 to 10, please leave the app […]

Chemist App

I have been looking for deals on good educational apps today, since it is Cyber Monday.  I am going to share a couple I believe are the best values.  The first to share is Chemist.  It is like a Chemistry Lab on your iPAD.  You can test out your chemistry hypothesis without worrying the potential explosion.  It is a perfect gift for […]

Post image for FREE App: NOVA Elements – Learn Periodic Table with Fun

NOVA Elements is a free app about the periodic table.  I like it because it exemplifies my envision of how the future text books should be – the science concepts are explained using multi-media materials, such as short videos, pictures, 3D models, short paragraphs of text.  Built-in games with interactive activities are there to reinforce what are […]