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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer post image

This post was sponsored by Asurion as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Do you always take photos with phones? I have not used a real camera for years. It is so convenient just using the phone, because you have your phone with you all the time. But the big problem with it is the storage space on your phone. It happened several times to me that I could not take more pictures because the storage was full… Read More

The eWallet That Replaces All Your Cards with One Single Card post image

How many credit cards and loyalty cards do you have? How many of them do you carry with you every day? I don’t even attempt to count anymore. There are too many to carry with me everyday, yet when you really need it, and you don’t have it with you, you are not getting the discount you could have received. I had long wished that there is an eWallet that stores all my card information and whenever I need a… Read More

What to Do if You Dropped Phone in Water post image

This is a true story. Two weeks ago, when we were getting ready for our son's soccer game, we couldn't find my husband. We did not know where he went. We looked and found out he was downstairs trying to take apart his phone – he dropped phone in the toilet and was trying to dry the wet phone! Has this happened to you? Accidentally drop your phone into water, like toilet, sink, swimming pool, … ? What do you… Read More

iPad iPhone Tips

Do you have a lot photos on your iPhone or iPad? How are you sharing these photos with family and friends? There are some third party apps or programs letting you share photos online, but today I am going to show you another way that you can share your photos right from your iPhone and iPad, no need to sign up a third party service, not even an email. You can share your photos with family and friends using Photo… Read More


Summer is the time  we are going to spend a lot more time with kids and family – play at home, hang out in the backyard, travel to have a vacation or to visit family, … It is also a time we are going to take a lot pictures. More and more, we use our phone as a convenient camera and before we know it, we have hundreds and hundreds of pictures on the phone. Where can we keep those pictures? I… Read More

iPhone iPad Tips

Many people don’t put data plan on their iPad. This means the iPad cannot access internet or send emails without Wifi, or when the Wifi signal is too weak.  Have you ever had the experience sitting at a busy airport trying to send out an email, but you just can’t? Do you know you can use your iPhone as your own Wifi hotspot wherever you go? This means your iPhone can provide Wifi connection to your iPad and computer via… Read More

iPad iPhone Tips

One challenge we have with iPhone or iPAD, or any mobile device is the battery life. They need be charged often, and it takes time to have them charged. It is no fun when the phone dies in the middle of a phone conversation, or you can’t move while talking on the phone because you are tied to the outlet charging the phone. I started looking into tips on saving iPhone battery life. One thing I found consistent from all… Read More

iPAD iPhone Tips

This is a question I received several times – how to project iPAD or iPhone screen onto a computer?  After some research I found AirServer.  But before we get into how to use AirServer, let’s think of some scenarios when you would like to project your iPAD or iPhone screen onto a computer. First, at home, it is great to be able to see the photos and family videos you took with your iPAD on a bigger screen with the… Read More

Truffol iPhone Case

Have you ever dropped you iPhone by accident?  Did your phone survive from the drop?  I usually am pretty careful, and things like this usually don’t happen to me – at least it was what I believed, till couple weeks ago, I dropped my phone.  I had too many stuff on my hands, and the phone simply slipped through my fingers.  Luckily, it was on a thick carpet area, the phone did not break.  But this little accident did make… Read More

GoodNotes App

Do you have your child do math or reading practices with worksheets? I have found many free printables recently while searching for some fun learning activities for the summer. These printables are great, but I don’t feel like to print out all of them, so I found a way to read and write on PDF or image files on iPAD directly. All you need is the app GoodNotes. GoodNotes can read files from your device’s photo album, your Dropbox, or… Read More

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