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Today I want to introduce a website to everyone – AplusClick.  It is not an app, but a website.   However, it is a website that fully functions on iDevices.  I found many cool kids learning game sites, but most of those sites don’t function on iPAD.  I am so glad this one does, and I like it a lot.  To use a website like an app on your iPhone or iPAD, you can quickly create an app-like icon on… Read More

Game For Two App

My favorite games to play are the ones that challenge you without you feeling completely overwhelmed. Games where you feel like you are learning with each move but in a watching an afterschool special way not a writing sentences way. The app Game For Two has four games that let you learn and have fun at the same time.  All 4 games are twist of board games, but are on iPAD. They all have different challenges, are great brain games. The app itself… Read More


Blokus is originally a board game, and now is available on iPAD.  The game is fairly simple. You link your like-colored blocks to expand your territory.  You have to link them diagonally by their corners, with no sides touched between two pieces.  You want to place as many of your own color while blocking the other players from laying theirs.  Whoever placed more pieces at the end wins the game. You can play by yourself, or by 2-4 players.  When it… Read More

FREE App: Brain Training Games – Clockwork Brain post image

Everyone in our family had fun with this game. It is a fun brain training game app for people of all ages. It is challenging and fun. The free app has 5 mini-games, and there are 8 more available via In-App Purchase. It is a great game app for kids to training critical thinking and problem solving skills. The description at AppStore says it all: Discover a series of ingenious mini-games especially created to test various cognitive abilities such as… Read More

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