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Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef

I have seen several Duckie Deck apps recently, and they do a good job in engaging kids with apps. When I heard about their new app Sandwich Chef, I was excited to try it out. Plus, I am always interested in ways helping kids learn healthy food choices and eat healthy. I had a lot fun with the app, although it is designed for kids! It encourages kids eat healthy in a fun and friendly way. After playing with the… Read More

How It Works

How It Works is a clear, simple, textbook style app.  It visually shows kids how things function and do what they are supposed to do. There are 9 items featured in the app: a car, a rocket, a steam engine, a windmill, a lawn mower, a pump, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and a hair dryer. The app displays a transparent outline of each of these items as their insides wait in the wings ready to be placed together to… Read More

Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard

Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard is a beautifully illustrated picture book on iPad with a great lesson to teach: Be ready to forgive, and the goodness will fill the world. In addition to the story, kids also have puzzle games to play at the end of the book. Son of the Sun goes out to explore the world. He wants to know about North Pole, and it is his first stop. But he is trapped in ice by… Read More

Busy Shapes

When I first saw the app name Busy shapes I assumed it teaches kids about shapes, or maybe colors. Once I started playing with the app, I realized it is more than shapes and colors. It trains kids on their reasoning and problem solving skills, with some physics involved. The game play is very intuitive. There are holes of different sizes on different types of surfaces. Kids need move the puzzle objects of different materials into the corresponding holes based… Read More

Shapes and Puzzles App

Today I have another fun app for kids to learn shapes and colors. Shapes and Puzzles is a fun puzzle app. Kids put puzzle pieces of various shapes and colors to form a picture. Kids not only learn shapes and colors, but also fine motor skills. Upon opening the app, kids have 4 groups of puzzles to choose from. Each of the 3 groups has 60-80 puzzles, while one group is designed for younger kids to pick the shapes as… Read More

Barefoot World Atlas

I have been always looking for a good world atlas app to help my son learn about the world, a map not just includes geography information, but also about world culture. I have heard so much about Barefoot World Atlas, and finally got a chance to check it out. I was really impressed and love how the app is made, so was my son. The app is based off the print book of the same title. The print book is… Read More

Ranger Rick Jr. Bear App

The Ranger Rick Jr Appventures series is a great app series for kids age 3 to 8 to learn about animals. The Ranger Rick Jr - Bear is the 2nd app in the series. The first app is about Lion. In this 2nd app, kids will learn everything about bears with Ranger Rick Jr. I like apps that are the most comprehensive in their subject matter. They often use varying methods to impart information to your child and common core standards are generally followed. What we… Read More

shape the village

Shape the village is fun shape learning app. It does a terrific job of introducing and then reinforcing shapes to your child. The set is a cute and colorful village of land, sky and sea full of characters made out of very simple shapes. The use of nothing but squares, circles, triangles and rectangles allows a child to see how almost anything can be put together by combining basic shapes. It also makes the characters extra adorable and fun to interact… Read More

The Jungle Book – 3D Interactive Pop Up Book

The Jungle Book – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book is a fun story book for young kids.  It is about Mowgli, the young orphan adopted by wolves. As a story app with lot interactions, it is a good app to engage active kids. It is usually $3.99, and is FREE for limited time. Here is the introduction from App Store: “Join Mowgli on a tropical adventure through the jungles of India as he escapes the clutches of the dangerous Shere Khan… Read More

Dragon Shapes – Geometry Challenge

Have you ever played tangram? The traditional tangram is a 7 piece puzzle game, each piece in a different shape, such as square, triangle, diamond. Using the 7 pieces, you can create endless pictures and patterns. We used to play with it a lot. There are many variations of the game now, and Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge is a great app that expands the original idea to a full array of 50 shape puzzles. Kids will learn to recognize different… Read More

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