Educational Apps that Covers a Broad Range of Subjects

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Post image for Free App: Collection of High Quality Documentary Films

I recently discovered a great free documentary app that streams documentary films. It is called Docurama, and it is free. I like the wide subject selection and the high quality of the films. The app provides easy on-demand access to over 600 films, a number expected to increase to over 1,000 by the end of 2014. It […]

Post image for Free App: Bring Starfall Website on iPad and iPhone

Starfall is a wonderful website with many great learning materials for kids in PreK to Grade2. However it uses flash, and flash doesn’t work on iPad and iPhone, so for very long time, people can’t access Starfall from their iPhone and iPad. Last year I shared how to access Starfall website on iPad via a […]

Post image for Free App: Stay In the Know with Yahoo News Digest

I have not paid much attention to news apps except News-O-Matic. Because I felt many news include contents that are not child safe. Recently I heard from a homeschool mom that they use Yahoo News for kids in their homeschool. I was quite surprised and checked it out. I am really surprised by the quality […]


I recently find a great learning website for kids with tons of fun educational contents: books, games, videos, jokes, … It is so fun, even for me!  It is called mocomi. Since we are posting on iGameMom, you know it functions well on mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. It is based in India, so […]

Toddlers Learn

Do you like Flash Cards? Today we introduce a flashcard like app – Toddlers Learn. You can think it as a set of digital flashcards with many categories. The benefit of digital flashcard or flashcard app is you don’t have to worry about losing any cards. Additionally, there are sounds on the cards, so kids […]

Thinking Time App

Today we introduce a kid’s app that trains children’s cognitive skills, such as memory, reasoning, flexibility. These skills are fundamental building blocks of early learning. Based on research, these skills don’t automatically happen as children mature. A good training program can help children develop these skills. Thinking Time is designed with leading researchers in developmental […]

Brainfeed app

Brainfeed is an app with collections of educational videos for kids. All the videos in the app are educational, entertaining, and age appropriate. The app is free with about 100 videos free. I like the app for its filtered content, so I know those videos are high quality and kids friendly. There are 11 categories […]

Toca House

Many people think tablets or smartphones are not appropriate for young children. What they don’t realize is how many valuable educational materials are available on tablets and smart phones for kids of all ages, including kids of very young age, like 2-3 year olds. Today we share 10 apps that teach young children essential life skills, […]


Do you let your preschoolers watch kids’ shows, like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Super Why? I think it is all about being balanced. Kids need a little bit everything, including educational TV shows. Today I have an app letting you download those popular kids shows and watch them on the go even when you have […]

Duckie Deck Collection

After reviewing Duckie Deck’s Sandwich Chef, I checked out a couple other Duckie Deck’s apps. I really liked their playful learning approach and the smart use of different device features in the learning experience. I also like their apps not only addressing academic skills, but also life skills in general. Today I want to share […]

Leo's Pad Preschool Learning Series

I have always liked Leo’s Pad. It is a series of apps for preschool kids learning. Based on child development research, the content of the apps is well designed to assist child’s development as a whole person. In addition to academic skills, it addresses many other skills, like social cue reading, collaboration, and problem solving. […]

Leo's Pad Preschool Kids Learning Series

Leo’s Pad just launched its 5th appisode, and now all appisodes are free.  We have reviewed Leo’s Pad previous appisodes. It is a preschool learning app series designed by Stanford University researchers and Emmy award-winning animators. We liked how the learning activities are seamlessly woven in the storylines in all Leo’s Pad appisodes. Appisode 5 […]

Maya the Bee Flower Party

Maya the Bee: Flower Party is based on the TV show that is translated into many languages. The original story is from a book The Adventures of Maya the Bee, published in 1912. Maya the Bee: Flower Party has all the key characters in the TV show, but is mostly a learning game for preschool […]


Last month we started using Netflix again.  I really liked Netflix movies stream program.  We tried Netflix a couple years ago, but discontinued due to concerns that my son may be exposed to some content that are not appropriate for his age.  Now with the new feature Kids Movie, we decided to give it another […]

Bugs and Button 2

Bugs and Buttons 2 is a collection of mini games for early learning skills, helping preschool and kindergarten kids gain critical early learning skills with fun games.  It is Free for limited time. There are 18 games in the app.  Kids can choose which game they want to play. Each game addresses several early learning […]

Grandma Loves Bugs

Do you kids love bugs? If you have a bug lover, you don’t want to miss today’s app – a fun bug app for kids. Grandma Loves Bugs is a learning app for kids 6 and younger.  Following the guide from a fun-loving grandma, kids will not only learn a lot about bugs, but also […]