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Smash Your Food

How do you talk about food nutrition and healthy food with your child? How easy is it to take the tasty fries or the sweet donuts away from their plates? Do you know how much sugar in the donuts? You can get help on all these questions from a fun app Smash Your Food. Smash Your Food lets the kids pick the food, and watch the food be smashed between two metal plates, and sugar, salt and oil be filtered… Read More

10 Apps for Kids to Learn About Human Body post image

Human anatomy is a fun subject, and no matter what the kids want to do when they grow up, it is always good to have some knowledge about your own body. There are many good apps about human body, from anatomy to biology. The wonderful things about apps are the capabilities of 3D visuals and the combination of interactive multimedia materials with sound, video, text, and picture. Here are some wonderful apps that are great for kids to learn about… Read More

Duckie Deck Hungry Clipper

Do your kids like to have fingernails cut? How clean are the fingernails? Are they good at washing hands? Hungry Clipper from Duckie Deck is an app that makes nail clipping fun. I hope with the Hungry Clipper, your child will love to wash hands and have fingernails trimmed. Like most Duckie Deck apps, Hungry Clipper is a very simple app. There is no speaking or reading in the app, so kids of any age can play.When kids start the… Read More

Heart and Lung Lab

Future Scientists will be excited to hear that isygames have added another fun anatomy themed app to their collection: Heart and Lungs lab. The interactive app gives kids the opportunity to dynamically explore the human body and to learn its functions hands on. On opening the app you are presented with a diagram of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Start your learning with choosing one of three types of activities. 1. Select the throat to be taken to an interactive… Read More

D Bones

Memorizing all the names and functions of the major bones in the human skeletal system can be tricky. My eight year old sums it up as ‘there are so many different kinds, and they have weird names!’ Thankfully, Isygames has created D.Bones to help 7-12 year olds learn about their bones in a visually engaging way.  The game starts in a spooky graveyard, where players can choose one of three activities to learn and test their knowledge about our skeleton. These… Read More

Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef

I have seen several Duckie Deck apps recently, and they do a good job in engaging kids with apps. When I heard about their new app Sandwich Chef, I was excited to try it out. Plus, I am always interested in ways helping kids learn healthy food choices and eat healthy. I had a lot fun with the app, although it is designed for kids! It encourages kids eat healthy in a fun and friendly way. After playing with the… Read More

Cooking Fun For Kids App

Cooking Fun for Kids from Bean Sprout is a fun cooking app designed for kids age 8 and under. It has 30 fun activities encouraging kids love food and eat healthy. It is free. The app is made out of a book Bean Appetit: Hip and Healthy Ways to Happy Tummies. If you don’t have mobile devices to use the app, and are interested in finding fun activities teaching kids about healthy food, you might want to try the book… Read More

Yuvi Story Aerobics for Kids

Yuvi Story Aerobics for kids is a cool exercise app for kids. Kids will love doing exercise with Yuvi. It is essentially a set of exercise videos built into fun adventure stories.  Kids will have a full workout while following the adventure with Yuvi. A wizard Zorkus has stolen all the toys in the world and hidden them into his enchanted land.  All the kids are asked to help Yuvi discover the hidden toys and bring them back to the world… Read More

Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid Read & Play doesn't deviate from its name, it takes the best of book apps with the best of educational games and melds them into a fun and useful tool for preschoolers. It comes with two books (three if you count the joke book) all with the option to have the book be read to child or your child read it.  You can even record your own voice or your child's to have the book read in… Read More

The Human Body

'She's a beauty!' passed through my mind as we slid through the Human Body Anatomy App by Tinybop. What a gorgeous learning tool, especially for a first effort from this new Brooklyn based development company. There were a few glitches, but overall, this company will be worth paying attention to. This creatively sophisticated (and stylish) app allows children and adults alike to marvel in our understanding of the human body without being too scary or too over/underwhelming. Your child can create… Read More

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