Apps that Helps Learning a New Languange

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Post image for Sight Words and Spelling with Pixopop

Is learning sight words hard for your kids? For kids they could be consistent repetition of the boring words. However, sight words are the words you have to memorize them, there is not much other ways to learn them. They are also most seen words in early readers. How can we make the sight word […]

phonics app for kids

This is part of our Best Learning Tools on iPad series . Today we have Best Phonics Learning Tools for Kids. Phonics is the foundation for reading, we have seen many phonics apps and practice ideas on the internet, and here are our top picks. For more best learning tools on iPad, please visit: Free Essential […]

Post image for Best Vocabulary Learning Tools on iPad and Other Tablets

This is part of our Best Learning Tools on iPad series. We had a best learning tool for spelling, and today we share our pick of best learning tools for vocabulary. Spelling tools focus on spelling, while vocabulary tools go beyond spelling. With vocabulary tools, kids also learn words’ definitions, pronunciations, and contextual usages. You may see […]

Post image for Free App: Bring Starfall Website on iPad and iPhone

Starfall is a wonderful website with many great learning materials for kids in PreK to Grade2. However it uses flash, and flash doesn’t work on iPad and iPhone, so for very long time, people can’t access Starfall from their iPhone and iPad. Last year I shared how to access Starfall website on iPad via a […]

Fun German App for Young Kids

Last year we had opportunity to visit Germany. While doing research about the country, I was quite surprised to learn that German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. Because not only Germany speak German, it is also an official language of many other countries, like Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. […]

Post image for Best Spelling Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets

Memorizing all the spellings is a hard work. We want to use as many tools as possible to help kids learn spelling so they can move from “learn to read” to “read to learn” stage as early as possible. Today we share our top picks of Learning Tools for Spelling that are available on iPad […]

Duolingo Free App

I always wanted to check out Duolingo. I have read about their free language learning programs and apps, but I have not got a chance to actually use it till recently. After I used it for a while, I really like it, not just because it is free, but also how good it is at […]

Fun Spanish Course App

A while ago I reviewed a French leaning app from StudyCat, It is a fun game-like app helping kids learn vocabulary in French. StudyCat also has a Spanish app with similar structure. If you are looking for a Spanish language app for young children that let kids play fun games to learn Spanish, this is […]

iLiveGrammar App Series

iLiveGrammar is a grammar app, and it is also a science app. It teaches kids grammar with science content, combining grammar and science in one app. There are 3 apps in the series currently: Botany, Autumn, Winter. Each app has 4 lessons, and all lessons are based on a science topic. When open the app, […]

Fun French App for Kids

My son’s school opens two new foreign languages and he is going to take French in addition to Spanish. I am so glad to have the chance to check out the app designed for kids to learn French: Fun French – Language Learning Games for Kids Age 3 to 10. After playing it for a […]

Lola's ABC Party

Learning alphabet is the foundation of early literacy. In my opinions, there are never too many alphabet books or apps for kids. Today we put together 10 apps helping kids learn their ABCs. We choose the apps that each app is unique in a certain way, and hope no matter what is your child interest […]

Toddlers Learn

Do you like Flash Cards? Today we introduce a flashcard like app – Toddlers Learn. You can think it as a set of digital flashcards with many categories. The benefit of digital flashcard or flashcard app is you don’t have to worry about losing any cards. Additionally, there are sounds on the cards, so kids […]

Bud Rhyming Words

Children seem all like rhymes. Rhyming is an important part of language mastery. Rhymes help kids develop and enhance phonic awareness; experience the rhythm of the language; and expand vocabulary. Rhyming activities have many benefits in a child’s literacy development. Today we introduce an app of rhyming game to help kids expand their vocabulary with […]

Monki Chinese Class

I have heard many parents talking about helping kids learn Chinese. Chinese is a very different language. It is pictograph based, not alphabet based. Because the difference between Chinese and English, it could be hard for English speakers to grasp Chinese. However, pictographs are in fact very fun to learn, as all characters are originated from […]

Bitsboard Spelling Bee

Are your children working on spellings? Do they participate Spelling Bee contest? Spelling takes daily repetitive practice and a good practice tool makes it a lot easier. Bitsboard Spelling Bee is a new app, it is now free. I don’t know how long it will stay free, so download it now while you can. Make […]

Make a Compound Word

We recently have been playing with Just2Fun a lot. It challenges your mind to create compound words or phrases based on pictures. This reminded me another compound word app designed for younger kids: Make Compound Words. It is designed for kids 5-9, who have learned some sight words or at least know most common words. […]