Apps that Help Kids Learn English Letters

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Lola's ABC Party

Learning alphabet is the foundation of early literacy. In my opinions, there are never too many alphabet books or apps for kids. Today we put together 10 apps helping kids learn their ABCs. We choose the apps that each app is unique in a certain way, and hope no matter what is your child interest […]

Print the Alphabet Anywhere

Learning alphabet is the stepping stone to early literacy. There are many fun ways to help kids learn ABCs. Today I have another fun app helping kids learn alphabet. It is a set of alphabet coloring pages and number coloring pages. Kids not only learn alphabet and numbers, but also practice fine motor skills. It […]

Ready K

Ready-K is a Kindergarten readiness app that charts the progress of your child according to Common Core Standards, so of course we love that!  It’s very comprehensive in helping kids get ready for kindergarten. It covers the following topics: 1. Quantitative language 2. Early literacy (including print awareness, vocabulary, alphabetical knowledge and phonological awareness 3. […]

Music ABC

Do your children like music? Do they jump around and sing along when they hear their favorite songs? Music makes the learning activities much more fun and enjoyable. It is a great idea to incorporate music into children’s learning. Today we have 10 apps helping kids learn via music. You will find apps helping kids […]

Phonics Fun Short and Long Vowels

Learning phonics is an important step towards reading success. But sometimes it is not that easy to distinguish the short vowel and long vowel sounds. Today’s app is a great phonics app helping kids get efficient on short vowels and long vowels. It is a fun game like workbook for kids, it is free for […]

Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets

Who doesn’t like playful learning ideas? Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets is a fun learning app for kids around preschool age (3 to 6). Kids learn about animals, letters, practice observation, memory and fine motor skills, all through animal themed fun games. It is free today. When kids open the app, they are asked […]

Drawnimal app

Drawnimal is a fun drawing app teaching alphabet. Kids will learn to draw 26 animals, one for each letter. I love it for its simplistic style and funny animations.  I believe you and your child will like it too. It is a great way for kids to learn ABC, and drawing. It is been free […]

Avokiddo ABC Ride

Learning alphabet is essential for kids’ literacy mastery. It could become repetitive at times, and kids may lose interest in learning. There are many fun ways to learn ABC, and today’s app is one of the best. Avokiddo ABC Ride is a playful app helping kids learn ABC with various fun games.  When kids open […]

Matching Games by CosmoCamp

Matching Games by CosmoCamp is a simple yet entirely engrossing game for kids that teaches memory skills along with learning colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  It comes with two different modes, toddler and preschool, to grow with your child, chosen each time you open the app or easily changeable in the parents only area of the app. […]

Froggy Phonics

Phonics apps are tough to create. They need to be able to keep a child engaged without distracting them too much from the learning at hand. Froggy Phonics app is based on an award-winning board game. In the app kids are engaged as they hop a cute frog from lily pad to lily pad in search […]

Niki Words

As I was struggling to find an app to help my 5 year old stay on top of his ABCs while on school break, Niki Words came across my path.  While it can surely help my son, this app can do so much more.  This app comes with settings that make it completely customizable and able to […]

Super Why Phonics Fair

Super Why Phonics Fair is another early literacy app for kids from PBS Kids. PBS really knows what they’re doing with all of their early childhood education programs. They make their characters so adorable and relatable, kids jump at the chance to play and learn along with them. When I told my son we had […]

Imagination Box - colors shapes numbers letters

I love apps that allow kids to play freely and spark imagination. It is even better if the app also provides tools for teaching. Imagination Box is an app just like that, and it is free for limited time. When kids start the app, they will see canvas of different colors. They can pick any […]

Jamaroos Musical ABCs

There are so many ways to learn alphabet, and it is never too many if you find a good way to associate words with alphabet for young kids. Jamaroos musical ABCs is a fun alphabet app with a little different musical twist, and it might just be the one your little one will love. The […]

Word Wizard: talking movable alphabet and spelling test for kids

Word Wizard is a learning app helping kids learn letters and words.  Given the way it works, you can use it to learn alphabet or you can use it to learn spelling and to build vocabulary. It is a fun alphabet and spelling app for kids from preschool to upper elementary school. When you start […]

Learn ABC Phonics App

Learn ABC phonics is a simple phonics app for toddlers, teaching kids letters.  The simple design makes it suitable even for babies who just start to recognize ABCs. The interface of the app is very simple.  After opening the app and tapping on the opening screen, your toddler will see all 26 letters in lower case.  You […]