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Quick Clocks Telling Time App

Telling time is a math skill, as well as an essential life skill for kids. Today we share Best Learning Tools for Kids to Practice Telling Time. Some are designed for younger kids, that start with telling numbers 1 to 12, some are designed for school age kids to practice different ways of telling time. Since most kids start to learn telling time around kindergarten age, most of the learning tools below are for kids grade K to 3. We will mark those that are… Read More

Best Learning Tools on iPad For Kids to Learn Counting post image

This is part of our Best Learning Tools on iPad series . Today we have Best Counting Learning Tools for Kids. Counting and number concepts are the foundation for math. It is important for kids not only master counting, but also truly understand the meaning of the numbers. There are many ways to help kids conceptualize the number concepts. Today we have our top picks on counting apps that also help kids understand number concepts. For more best learning tools on iPad, please visit… Read More

Millk Hunt Kids Math Game App

Do you have children who like playing games? They will love this app Milk Hunt Kids Math Game. It is a fast paced game app where kids have to solve math problems to move up the levels. The math included in the app are common core aligned. Given the fast pace, all math have to be solved mentally, and all are during the games. It is a good exercise for quick math facts and mental agility. Before kids start the… Read More

20 STEM Activities Every Child Should Try This Fall post image

It is time for Mom's Library. Today we share 20 STEM activities every child should try this fall. Some are great Halloween activities, so do check them out and try them before the end of the month. Many are quite simple to do with little preparation needed. Enjoy the fun. Preserve leaves and learn the science of it Make Halloween slime Try 9 science experiments with pumpkins Do some spider math Make a leaf mandala Create electric circuit with play… Read More

Free App: Bring Starfall Website on iPad and iPhone post image

Starfall is a wonderful website with many great learning materials for kids in PreK to Grade2. However it uses flash, and flash doesn’t work on iPad and iPhone, so for very long time, people can’t access Starfall from their iPhone and iPad. Last year I shared how to access Starfall website on iPad via a free app Rover. Rover is an app that transforms flash files instantly and makes them functional on Apple devices. At the time I posted the… Read More

App Went Free: 2 Everyday Mathematics Apps for Addition and Comparison post image

McGrow Hills has a series of math apps based on Everyday Mathematics. Today two of them are free for limited time: Monster Squeeze and Addition Top It. Both apps are designed to be played by two children, but can also be played by one child. Monster Squeeze is to compare the numbers, Addition Top It is simple addition. Both are available on iPhone and iPad, Monster Squeeze is also available on Google Play. Monster Squeeze is designed to help kids… Read More

Free App: Math Learning Tool Helping Kids Think Through Math Problems post image

I always believe math is a tool for kids to learn how to think, besides doing number calculations. The skill of thinking includes asking the right questions and exploring possible solutions. That is why I like Singapore math. I especially like the model drawing process that helping kids learn how to think when they are asked a number question. I am extremely happy to find 4 free apps that using Singapore math model method to teach kids math. They are… Read More

Practice Math Addition Facts to Launch Rockets post image

Math addition fact is a very critical stage in kids math learning. The better the kids know about the facts, the quicker they can solve the problems. You really want this part of the math become an automatic process, i.e. you want the kids know the facts so well, that they memorize them and the answers can just come out without thinking. The benefit of this is more free brain space to think about more complicated solutions when they need to. As kids… Read More

Best Math Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets post image

We started putting together Best Learning Tools on iPad and other Tablet series. Today we have best math learning tools on iPad and other tablets. There are many math apps available, we have put together 45 math game apps for kids grouped by age and learning objectives. However, in this learning tool post, we only include math apps that can be used as teaching and learning tools, apps that explain math concepts behind the numbers, not just practice app. For… Read More

Free App Number Pieces

We have introduced several free math apps as teaching tools before. Today we have another free math app to share: Number Pieces. It visualizes the Base 10 concept on the iPad. It is a great teaching and practice tool for home and school. We used Base10 at home a lot. I loved using it with my child to explain the number concepts. The app is similar to the real model. When you open the app, you will see a 100 board that… Read More

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