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10 Ways to Watch Good Kids Movies for Free Anytime post image

As new stream technology getting more advanced, there are many ways to watch movies and TV shows besides sitting in front of a TV or in movie theatres, many are even free. Today we share 10 ways to watch high quality, good educational movies for kids free, anytime, any where. All options below are available on iPad and iPhone, many are available on Android and computers. To learn more about each option, click on the option name, you will see… Read More

9 Math YouTube Channels for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids post image

We posted a math YouTube channel list for school age kids. Today we share a list of math channels for preschool and kindergarten kids. Most educational resources for younger kids don't separate different subjects, so there are few channels for younger kids just focus on math, instead these are educational YouTube channels for young children with extensive math contents. Childcare Land is a great early learning resource. There is a section of preschool math, all are hands on activities. If… Read More

Halloween Movies for Kids That Are Not So Scary post image

Halloween is a fun time for kids, especially younger ones. It is a good time for family fun too. Today we share some Halloween movies for kids that are not so scary, so the whole family can enjoy together. There are many ways for families to enjoy movies at home now. You can download movies instantly from Amazon, Apple iTunes store. We have been using Netflix. If you have never tried Netflix, you can try it for free for a… Read More

Family Night Ideas – Good Family Movies and Games post image

With all the school activities, family and work responsibilities, it is hard to fit family night into our busy schedule unless we intentionally plan for it. Do you have family night? What do you do? I have been looking for family night ideas, and find some good family movies and games that are educational and fun. I’d love to hear your ideas. Please do share. We love to play family games. This is the time every one interact with each… Read More

Kids Movies about Lying and Telling Truth post image

Summer is a good time to catch up on good movies with kids. Today we share with you ideas of good movies for kids to watch in the summer, and how to build in educational elements into the movie experience. If you want to know how do we use movies as part of parenting and learning experience, you can visit How to Teach by Movies. Today we share kids movies about lying and being honest. Almost everyone lies at some… Read More

Adventure Movies and TV Shows for Kids on Netflix post image

What comes to your mind when I say adventure? Travel to a foreign country? or Space? or a dangerous place? If you look up the word Adventure, the first definition on dictionary.com is "an exciting or very unusual experience". So for kids it could be anything, a trip to a new grocery store, or a park, a vacation to a city they've never been; or doing something they've never done before... Anything that involves exploring an uncharted territory is an… Read More

10 Fun Science Movies and TV Shows for Kids post image

Are you children interested in science? They are. Because kids are naturally curious, they are born to explore everything around them, and they want to know why. Science is in our every day life, and there are always things to show kids the magic of science. The challenge is parents are usually too busy or too occupied by other stuff to come up ideas to encourage kids' exploratory nature and curiosity. I found some times good movies and TV shows… Read More

15 Movies for Kids About Brothers and Sisters post image

If you have more than one child, you know how it goes between siblings. We all heard many stories of sibling rivalry. However, no matter how many fights they have, they usually end up being each other's best friends for life. Today we share some kids friendly movies about brothers and sisters, so kids and you can share the loving memory of sibling joys. Sofia the First: Sofia became a princess overnight after her mom married the King of Enchansia… Read More

Family Friendly Movies Teaching Kids Family Values post image

What are your family values? How do you teach family values to your kids? There are so many aspects in family values: social, political, religious, cultural, work, moral, … I have traveled and lived in several countries and have friends from different cultural backgrounds. I see families from different cultural backgrounds have different family values. Additionally, with the social cultural change over time, family values change too. Years ago, we don’t see many single parent families or families of same… Read More

Movies to Help Kids Improve Academic Performance post image

Kids love movies and TV shows, it is a smart idea to find some movies and shows that will help kids improve their academic performance. I am glad to see there are quite a few of these shows for kids of different ages. Let's get started. Movies and TV Shows to Help Kids Improve Academic Performance Reading Rainbow: is a great show for children's literacy. Kids will have fun watch celebrities reading the books they love. Available on Amazon, Netflix… Read More