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18 Movies for Building Resilience in Children post image

How does your child do when he/she failed a test? How about losing a game? Do they easily give up on the subject? or go back keeping working on it? Resilience is the capacity to withstand and to recover quickly from stress and difficulties. We want our children be resilient, because life is not a smooth ride forever, there are always bumps and accidents on the road. We cannot make these disappear from anyone's life, so it is essential to… Read More

Movies to Watch with Kids on New Year’s Eve post image

Do you have special plans for New Years Eve? It is the exciting moment of the year. For me I enjoy the most when the whole family sit down and enjoy a good holiday movie together. It gives the magic warm feeling that will last for a long time. Do you have favorite New Year's Eve movies? Here are some of my favorites. I'd love to hear yours too. If you click on the movie title, you will be led to… Read More

Movies for Kids about History of Thanksgiving Holiday post image

With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, we are putting together some movies for kids about the history of Thanksgiving holiday. It is so much more fun to learning history with movies, and it is something the whole family can enjoy and learn together. William Bradford: William Bradford was a signatory to the Mayflower Compact while aboard the Mayflower in 1620. As a peacemaker, he befriended the Native Americans who taught the struggling Pilgrims how to survive. By the end… Read More

Book Based Educational TV Shows for Preschool Kids post image

As we all know kids of young age should not spend too much time on screen. However, with parents or educators' supervision and engagement, watching educational TV shows could be a good source for early learning. TV shows and movies provide the experiences that books can't offer. We had always enjoyed TV shows that have books to go with them, like Curious George. Today I list some good educational TV shows for preschool kids that have books of the same… Read More

Watch Old Throwback Movies with Kids post image

Do you have favorite movies you liked when you were a child? Have you watched these movies with your kids? It will be fun to watch these old throwback movies again, together with your kids. They will bring back memories that let you relive your childhood. Sharing them with your kids will give kids a glimpse into what you were like as a kid yourself. As we use Netflix more and more, I am glad to see there are some… Read More

Movie Themed Educational Activities for Kids post image

Do you like to watch movies with kids? I like movies. Good movies provide a lot learning opportunities for kids and they can learn things they would not from other sources. In addition to watching the movies, there are a lot simple things you can do to maximize the learning from the movies. We have introduced ideas on how to teach with movies. Today we share some movie themed educational activities for kids. Additionally, as we love our Netflix so… Read More

10 Movies for Kids about Scientists post image

Science is a field requires a lot hard work. As scientists, you not only need the scientific mind, but also the curiosity to explore more and the drive to persevere through hardships. For kids to stay in the science field, learning science knowledge is not enough. They also need learn all these characters that are needed to be successful in science. Today we share movies about scientists, hope these stories will inspire your young scientists. This is our 2nd post… Read More

Life Lessons from Little House on the Prairie post image

I love historical movies and TV shows. I was excited when I got an opportunity of free set of DVDs to review Little House on the Prairie. If you are in the US, you probably already know the book series and the TV show. If you are not from the US, the Little House is a book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, about American frontiers' life in the late 19th century. It depicts the life of the Ingalls family, the… Read More

Watching Ad-free Preschool Shows with Noggin post image

Noggin is a free app that provides subscription based streaming shows for preschool kids. With the subscription, kids can watch the full episodes of ad-free preschool shows, plus access to other educational videos. You have 7 days free service. At the end of the free trial, you can discontinue the subscription, or the app will automatically charge your iTunes account for the next month. It is a new service from Nickelodeon. The shows included in the app: Allegra’s Window, Blue’s… Read More

Thomas and Friends Watch and Play post image

Do you have a Thomas and Friends fan at home? You will love this app - Thomas and Friends Watch and Play. This is the first app that lets users watch full episodes of the TV shows on iPad, iPhone or iPod. In addition, kids can watch clips from the show, and play games. When you open the app, you will see 4 parts in the apps: videos from the show, and 3 games. The 3 games are all based… Read More

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