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Play Drums on Your iPad with iAmDrums post image

Drum sets are expensive, even just a small set of almost toy size, it is still a lot money. It also takes a lot space at home. If you have a child who likes to beat drums and make noises, you can now use this wonderful app and hand the iPad to your child. iAmDrums is a drum app simulating the real drum set. The sound effect is as good as real, if not better. When you start the app… Read More

Music Practice App offering Instant Feedback post image

Is your child learning a music instrument or singing? Do you know how to play the instrument yourself? I have a child studying piano, but I had no knowledge of music. It is very hard for him to practice listening exercises at home as there is no one can tell him if his answers are correct or not. Practice like this is still helpful, but it is just not as effective as if you can get immediate feedback. A while… Read More

App Went Free: Stay Active with Go Dance post image

With the weather getting colder, we start looking for more ideas to stay active inside. I was excited to see the app Go Dance is free today and gave it a little try. I like it! It is a great way to get kids moving in the house when it is too cold to play outside. The app is not perfect, but as long as you are not using it competitively, ie. not trying to get the highest score, it… Read More

Duckie Deck Baby Tunes

Duckie Deck has developed many apps for very young children, like Duckie Deck Collection. I like their intuitive and innovative designs to engage babies and toddlers and help them develop the skills they need. Baby Tunes is another of their fun apps designed for babies to learn sounds of different objects: cars, airplanes, pigs, monkeys, piano, or violin. It is free today. Like most of Duckie Deck apps, the design is very simple. When kids open up the app, they… Read More

Music ABC

Do your children like music? Do they jump around and sing along when they hear their favorite songs? Music makes the learning activities much more fun and enjoyable. It is a great idea to incorporate music into children's learning. Today we have 10 apps helping kids learn via music. You will find apps helping kids learn numbers, letters, simple math, simple vocabulary, some are about animals, ... but all apps here utilize music in the learning process. If you like… Read More

Toca Band

Toca Band is from one of my favorite developer Toca Boca. It is a music toy letting kids explore music and sound in a fun and intuitive setting. Kids can choose from 16 different characters to form a band, they can also choose a character for a solo performance. It is free for limited time. Toca Band is getting ready for their big concert and it is up to the kids who are in charge to pick the team to… Read More

Nursery Rhymes for Kids

All kids love nursery rhymes. They are usually the first songs babies listened and learned, and they stay with the kids for the rest of their lives. Babies never get too many of nursery rhymes. Nursery Rhymes for Kids is an interactive nursery app for babies and toddlers. With the app, parents and babies can sing and dance with the songs, watch the fun videos, and interact with scenes on the screen. In addition to listening to nursery songs, I… Read More

Jamaroos Musical ABCs

There are so many ways to learn alphabet, and it is never too many if you find a good way to associate words with alphabet for young kids. Jamaroos musical ABCs is a fun alphabet app with a little different musical twist, and it might just be the one your little one will love. The pictures and characters are inviting and entertaining. With bright colors, fun music and easy interface, kids will be playing in the Jamaroos musical jungle for… Read More

BabyFirst Video

Do you have a baby at home? Would you like to have some free baby music video handy when you need them, like lullabies and nursery rhymes? Today’s app is called BabyFirst Video. It is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. It is free to download with more than 15 baby musical videos free. The interface of the app is easy. One caution is when you first open the app, sometimes it shows another app by the developer before you… Read More

Musical Paint Pro

Musical Paint Pro is a very unique app combining music and paint in one activity.  It is fascinating to “hear” what you are drawing.  As described by the introduction on App Store, “Musical Paint Pro provides an engaging multi-sensory experience for all ages”. What you have to do it is simple. Move your finger around the screen as you would drawing a picture. The difference is you are not only painting with lines and colors, but also musical tones.  When… Read More

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