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iPhone iPAD Tips

Many families will have a new iPad during the holiday season. What to do with a new iPad? Especially if you have kids, will you let the kids access the iPAD? I can tell you, even you don't want to, kids will get on it sooner or later. So it is better to be prepared as parents. How to make sure the iPad will be ok after kids accidentally drop it? How to keep kids safe online? Here are 7 must do… Read More

7 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Online post image

With so many devices at home and school, from computers to mobile devices, kids can get on the internet easily and it is hard to know what they do and what they see online. What can parents do to ensure online safety of our children, so they are not staying on screen too long, they are not giving out password by accident, and they are not bullied online? 1. Get involved. The best way to keep your kids safe online… Read More

How Joining Art Club Improved My Math Score post image

Can art help kids learn math? I have a personal story to tell. It is one of the most memorable lessons I learned from a teacher, a lesson went beyond art and math, a lesson impacted how I teach my own child. When I was a middle school student, I was not very good in geometry. I just could not picture those shapes and angles in my head, or see them. I had been very good in math, but I… Read More

50 Ideas to Learn Gratitude Social Skill post image

Gratitude and appreciation are simple yet important social skills for kids to learn. Kids need learn not only the feel of gratitude, but also the expression of gratitude. There is no better time to practice gratitude skills than in November. Today we share over 50 ideas on family activities of gratitude activities. The best way to learn is to practice them in daily life. They can be small acts, but it is important to start small and it will become… Read More

Back to School Tips

When will your child start school again? I know we are still enjoying the summer, but time flies, before you know it, it is time to think about going back to school. From my own experience, it is a lot easier when we start planning back-to-school early. What do you do when you start preparing back to school? Here are couple things we do: First, gradually go back to school schedule. If kids like to sleep in and stay up… Read More

myHomework Student Planner app

Is your child good at keeping track of homework? Some kids are good at it, some are not. How do you help the child who always forget homework? How do you help a kid to stay organized and keep track of all homework and school projects? The study tip I can offer today is to use a homework organization app. I will explain why the app is good, and why you should use it together with your child. myHomework is… Read More

Mom’s Library

How are your kids with homeworks and school projects? How about the responsibility they have at home? such as cleaning their rooms, put away toys? Do they always remember putting away the school bags? or just drop the bag anywhere? Today's kids have a lot responsibilities, homework, school project, reading list, spelling list, papers need be signed, books need be returned to the library, not to mention soccer practice, game schedule, snack schedule, … How to keep track of all… Read More

12 Smartphone Addiction Apps to Control Screen Time post image

I admit, I spend a lot time on smartphone and tablet. They become an integral part of my life, such as getting directions to places; keeping connected with family and friends; taking photos whenever and wherever. But sometimes it is hard to get off the phone. Every time I told myself to just do one thing, but ended up several things. I meant just to check one email that I was waiting for, then I saw a Facebook update from… Read More

What Do You Need Know Before Using Amazon Underground post image

Recently Amazon launched a new service Amazon Underground Apps. With Underground, you can have over thousands of apps for free, including the parts via In App Purchase. I believe many people will like and use the service. But why they are giving all these apps for free? As a consumer, you need know what you are losing before using it. I tried to use the service after it is launched. This is what I found out. First you have to… Read More

7 Key Points Kids Need Know About Digital Citizenship post image

Now more and more kids are on devices that have internet access. Survey data have shown that majority children are receiving their first smart phones between the ages of 8 and 12. Even for kids who don't have a smart phone, they have access to parents' devices or family computers that have internet access, with social media apps that they can use. We have seen many articles about kids spending too much time on devices and posting irresponsible posts on… Read More

Preschool Parent Guide on Educational Activities Books and Toys post image

Early learning plays a big role in children's development. Even you send your child to preschool, parents interaction with kids still is very important. What can you do with your preschoolers, so they will love learning? Where do you go to find the right toys and books that will fit your children's development stage? Today's free app Preschool Parent Guide is a perfect tool for you. Preschool Parent Guide is a free app. It has guided activities and recommended toys… Read More

Smart Ways to Use Tablets with Kids during Travel post image

Now more and more families own tablets. It is almost a must while families travel. If you are taking a tablet with you, more than likely your kids will get on it too. However, taking a tablet with you when you are traveling doesn't mean you should let kids play games on it whenever they can. One, they should not stare at the screen for too long. Two, there are ways for hands on educational activities using tablets. Yes, you… Read More

Have Fun on Road Trips with Sago Mini post image

We introduced an app helping kids learn about airplane trips, today we share an app about car road trips: Sago Mini Road Trip. It is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Like all Sago Mini apps, it is a free play app, with no time limits, no levels. Via playing with the app, kids will get the ideas on what are involved in a road trip by car. When kids open the app, they will see 3 options. Each option is… Read More

Save and Enjoy Kids Art Clutter-Free with ArtKive App post image

Every year kids bring home a lot art works from school. We had a closet just to store child's art. Yet quickly we ran out of space. A couple years ago I found this app called ArtKive, and was so glad that I can just keep all the art works digitally to save all the space. Plus I can pick some of the art to make them into art books, for keepsake or for gifts. ArtKive is an app that… Read More

Back soon – parents vacation app for kids

Have you tried to vacation without kids? How old was your child when you first did it? How did your child do while you were away? Parents vacation without kids, if plan well, could be beneficial for both parents and kids. Depends on child's age and maturity level, there are different ways to help kids to get ready for the time away from parents. Usually it is suggested that parents can start leaving kids with trusted caregivers for an extended… Read More