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Thinkrolls physics puzzle app for kids

I always liked Avokiddo apps. Recently they just launched a new app Thinkrolls, which is a fun physics puzzle game designed for young children, from preschool age and up. I loved the app for its fun game setting and all the science elements built into the play. Thinkrolls are 18 cute characters in this educational […]

Curious Kids and Toy Cars

Does your child like cars? Have you shown them the inside of a car? If you have a hands-on kid who likes engineering and machines, he/she will like this app – Curious Kids and Toy Cars. With this app, kids will be able to take apart cars, learn the parts names and how different parts […]

How It Works

How It Works is a clear, simple, textbook style app.  It visually shows kids how things function and do what they are supposed to do. There are 9 items featured in the app: a car, a rocket, a steam engine, a windmill, a lawn mower, a pump, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and a hair […]

Where is My Mickey

Where’s My Mickey is another fun app from Disney that is part of the Where’s My Water series. Where’s My Water and its’ sequel Where’s My Perry are physics games for kids. Kids learn liquid physics, problem solving and strategic planning while playing the games. Where’s My Mickey is a new add to the series. […]

Max and Ruby Science Educational Games

I am a firm believer that science should, and can be taught at a very young age. I also agree it is challenging to teach science concepts to young kids. You have to convey the concept in a manner that young minds can understand and grasp. It takes the full understanding of science and early […]


Sprinkle is a fun physics based game. It just went free for a week.  It is like a combination of Angry Birds and Where is my water.  The story behind the game: inhabitants of Titan, a moon of Saturn, lived out their days peacefully in their straw hut homes – until space tourists from Earth […]

Where is my holiday

Disney launched Where’s My Holiday? yesterday.  It is FREE.  It is a holiday themed new game based on Where’s my water and Where’s my perry.  If you don’t have the two games, and want to know what the games are about and if you child will like them, this is a good one to try on, […]


Today’s “Best Educational Apps for Kids” list is Best Science apps for elementary school kids.  I did not include those animal related apps, as there will be a separate list of “Best Educational Apps for Kids” on “Nature and Animals”.  If you know any good science apps for kids age 6 to 10, please leave the app […]

Cut the Rope Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope released their FREE holiday game app again this year.  Like last year, it is only going to be around for a limited time, but it is FREE.  If you want to get it, get it when it is available.  It is a great physics based game with a lot challenges. If you […]

Crayon Physics Deluxe HD for iPAD

Crayon Physics Deluxe just launched its HD version for iPAD, it is FREE (from $4.99) right now. There is also a version for iPhone, which is NOT free. Started as a game on the internet years ago, it is a physics-based puzzle game. In the game, you get to experience what it would be like […]

Feed Garfield App

Feed Garfield is a cute physics-based game app for kids and adults.  Kids have to find ways to deliver food into the lazy cat’s bowl directly, and collect the 3 lasagna on the way.  Kids learn strategic planning and simple physics while having fun with Garfield and Odie.  There are 45 fun and mind-boggling stages […]

Angry Birds

Even if you don’t like games or never played Angry Birds, you probably have seen those red birds somewhere – toy store, candy store, …  I have heard two completely different opinions about Angry Birds from parents.  Some think it is a great educational game.  Some believe kids are wasting time playing Angry Birds.  As […]

Post image for Where’s My Perry?

Have you played Where’s My Water?  Do you like it?  If you like Where’s My Water, you will like its sequel Where’s My Perry? The story of the game is based on the cartoon Phineas and Ferb, featuring the platypus secret agent Perry, ie. Agent P.  Perry is stuck in his transportation tubes.  The goal […]


Since I reviewed Stack the States and Stack the Countries, I became a big fan of Dan Russell-Pinson, the developer of the two wonderful educational apps.  Once I found out he just released another app Monster Physics, I knew I have to get one!  Monster Physics is a unique building app that lets kids play with […]


Cut the Rope: Experiments just released an update today and is FREE for a limited time. It is a perfect addition to iGameMom’s summer app recommendation. Cut the Rope: Experiments is a follow-up to the popular game Cut the Rope.  If you want to know what the original game is about, please go to iGameMom’s […]

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is another game that is physics based. To play, you must cut dangling ropes that hold candy to make the candy fall into the mouth of the cute green monster “Om Nom”.  To win the game, you must cut certain ropes in a specific order and at the perfect timing to swing […]