Apps that Help Improving Productivity

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Post image for Prioritize Your Social Activities In One Place

Are you on Facebook? How about Twitter? How many email accounts do you have? Personally I don’t use as much social network, at least I believed so. But when I started pulling all my accounts together, I realized that I am in fact have quite a few accounts on several different platforms. It is hard […]

Post image for Free App: Collaborate among multiple devices

Do you run into the occasion that you wish you and a friend or another family member or a coworker or a class mate can access the same file at the same time, like correct a mis-spelling on a document, draw a picture together, or co-sign a document? Today we have a Free app that […]

myHomework Student Planner

Most kids have started school. Pretty soon they will start having homeworks, class projects, reading assignments, … all the fun stuff. How do you help kids stay organized and keep track of all homeworks and projects? myHomework is a very good tool for kids to organize all these school works. It is available online, so […]

Chirp App

How do you share pictures with family and friends? Do you email them? Today I have a Free app that letting you share picture between devices for free instantly. You can even share it with many people just by one click. Chirp is a free app. It transfers files by creating a unique sound profile. […]

Explain Everything

We have been using Explain Everything as a digital storytelling tool for a while. I really like it for its flexible features that allowing us to use it for different projects. Explain Everything is designed to be a screencast, interactive whiteboard, and presentation tool for iPad and Android that allows users to record audio and […]

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is a very handy scanner app that makes life easy. With this neat app, you don’t need that $100 scanner anymore. Scanner Pro turns your iPhone and iPad into a scanner.  The app is usually $6.99. It is free for limited time. Make sure download the app while it is free, although I […]

Doodlecast Pro

Doodlecast Pro is a neat tool that can be used for many purposes.  It can be a presentation tool, if you have a project to share.  It can be a storytelling app for kids to tell a story. It can be a teaching tool for anyone trying to explain something with visual aid.  It is […]


Have you used Starfall? If you have a preschool to kindergarten kids, you should really check it out.  It is a great website with tons of free reading materials and printables for kids in preschool and kindergarten age. When my son was that age, he liked it a lot.  I have not been recommending it here, […]

Cozi Family organizer Free App

Being busy parents is not an easy job.  Today I am introducing an app that helps parents keep track the whole family’s busy schedule.  In Mom’s Library, you will find featured articles on recharging yourself. We all know how crazy it could be when managing family schedules – each kid has his/her own activities, parents have their […]

LogMeIn App

Do you like to take your laptop with you when you travel?  Now, if you have a smart phone, be it an iPhone or an Android phone, or if you have a tablet, such as an iPAD, you don’t have to take your laptop with you anymore.  Use LogMeIn, you can remotely access your home […]


If you are like me, you have tons of different things to keep track of – child’s after school activities, vacation plans, shopping lists, blog ideas, birthdays, work projects, school projects, …. It is so hard not to miss anything and stay updated on everything, till using Evernote. Evernote is a free, cross-platform application that […]