Biography Book Apps for Kids

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Shout Science

The History of Science is anything but boring with Scott Dubois’ Shout Science. This app presents the biographies of three Scientists who made history during  the Scientific revolution.  These are not your regular narratives though.  Each person and their work comes alive in an interactive comic strip. On opening the app kids will find an interactive map and […]

Da Vinci History

Da Vinci History is a biography book app for kids.  Regualr price $3.99, it is FREE for limited time. Introduction on App Store: Quelle Histoire Editions and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (the federating body of France’s national museums) are delighted to present to you the da Vinci application. PRESENTATION Discover the incredible destiny of […]

Post image for FREE App – Cool to Be Clever

This is a book App targeted at kids 6 and up, or kids who are ready to read chapter-books.  It tells the true story of Edson Hendricks: He was bullied at school, but found comfort in an imaginary world where he had machine parts, and no biological organs or emotions.  Later he went to MIT and […]

Biography Comics

My son is a good reader. The only problem is he only likes to read mystery or fantasy types. I had been trying to get him read biographies, but he never showed any interest. Amazingly, once he found the Who? Comics and started reading, he could not put it down. Who? Comics is an educational […]