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Thinkrolls physics puzzle app for kids

I always liked Avokiddo apps. Recently they just launched a new app Thinkrolls, which is a fun physics puzzle game designed for young children, from preschool age and up. I loved the app for its fun game setting and all the science elements built into the play. Thinkrolls are 18 cute characters in this educational app. Kids are going to help them roll through mazes with different features and settings. Through out the maze kids will encounter many obstacles, like… Read More

Free App: Learn About Weather with MarcoPolo Weather App post image

MarcoPolo Weather app is the 2nd app in the MarcoPolo Discovery series. The first one is MarcoPolo Ocean, and I liked the first one very much. I am delighted to find out that the 2nd app is even better. MarcoPolo Weather is free with 5 weather conditions come with the free download. Some content such as 4 extreme weather conditions are available via In App Purchase. When kids open the app, they will see 4 animal friends at the bottom of… Read More

20 STEM Activities Every Child Should Try This Fall post image

It is time for Mom's Library. Today we share 20 STEM activities every child should try this fall. Some are great Halloween activities, so do check them out and try them before the end of the month. Many are quite simple to do with little preparation needed. Enjoy the fun. Preserve leaves and learn the science of it Make Halloween slime Try 9 science experiments with pumpkins Do some spider math Make a leaf mandala Create electric circuit with play… Read More

Plants by Tinybop

Plants is an interactive diorama about plants in different biomes. Via open ended play, kids learn the eco systems and how plants grow and live in the real world. It is designed by Tinybop, whose first app Human Body was a great success. I love the guided exploratory approach of teaching. There is no lessons to go through and there is no talking in the app. Opening the app is like walking into this amazing world of nature, and it is… Read More

Fun App for Kids Exploring The Space post image

Grandpa in Space is a fun learning app about space for kids from preschool to early elementary. It takes kids explore the space and visit the planets. There are learning games built in the space exploration process, so kids also get the chance to use their math and English language skills to solve the problems they face in their journeys in the space. When kids start the app, they are asked to choose a destination among the planets Mars, Jupiter… Read More

iLiveGrammar App Series

iLiveGrammar is a grammar app, and it is also a science app. It teaches kids grammar with science content, combining grammar and science in one app. There are 3 apps in the series currently: Botany, Autumn, Winter. Each app has 4 lessons, and all lessons are based on a science topic. When open the app, kids will see 4 lessons on the top: Nouns and Verbs; Adjectives and Adverbs; Article, Noun, Conjunctions, and Prepositions; and the last lesson is Review… Read More

Water Cycle App

Do you get much rain this time of the year? Usually during the season change time, it is a good time to talk about water cycle, as you might see rains or fog, in the morning dew drops, and these are good examples of water cycle in the nature. I recently find a good app about water cycle. It is the winner of 2014 American Association of School Librarians Best Apps for Teaching & Learning in the STEM Category. I… Read More

Smithsonian Prehistoric Pals

Do you know a young Dinosaur fan? If so, you will want to check out a new collection of dinosaur eBooks app for kids from Smithsonian and Oceanhouse Media: Prehistoric Pals Collection. These eBooks are interactive non-fiction apps for kids ages 5 to 8 and all content are verified by the experts at the Smithsonian Institute. They are non-fiction books, but all have simple storylines to keep children's interest. 10 titles are included in this book app collection: Ankylosaurus Fights Back Saber-Tooth Trap… Read More

Howtosmile app

Do you like STEM activities? STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Math. I like STEM topics and activities. Even you don’t expect your child to be in a STEM related field when they grow up, it is still good to expose them in as many STEM subjects as possible, as it is not just about the knowledge, it is about the thinking ability and problem solving skills, which are important no matter what they do when they grow up. While… Read More

Heart and Lung Lab

Future Scientists will be excited to hear that isygames have added another fun anatomy themed app to their collection: Heart and Lungs lab. The interactive app gives kids the opportunity to dynamically explore the human body and to learn its functions hands on. On opening the app you are presented with a diagram of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Start your learning with choosing one of three types of activities. 1. Select the throat to be taken to an interactive… Read More

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