Educational Kids Apps in Social Subjects

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Post image for Book App Helping Teens and Tweens Deal With Family Issues

Middle School Confidential is a series of books that help middle school age kids deal with sticky social issues, such as friends, families, and self confidence. They are available as books as well as apps. We reviewed the first two apps and the third book What’s Up with My Family was released recently. I like […]

Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings App

PBS is one of the most trusted resources in our family so I generally feel like I’m in good hands with any game or activity they come up with for my pre-schooler.  This Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings is no exception, based on Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, the whole feel  is gentle and sweet.  What’s so special […]

Post image for Free App: Random Acts of Kindness

With kids starting school, many of us are busy getting kids ready for the new school year: school supplies, academic readiness, … One very important aspect of school life is the peer interactions. This involves social and emotional skills. We have shared our top picks of 10 apps helping kids develop social and emotional skills […]

Positive Penguin

Social and Emotional Well Being is important in Children’s development. It is a soft skill that is hard to teach. I am glad to see more and more educators start looking into this area and over the time, I have found some good apps helping kids develop social and emotional skills. 10 Apps Helping Kids […]

Capital City

Parents may think that teaching children to be entrepreneurs is a bit of a lofty goal for an app, but Capital City make it accessible in a way I never thought possible. It makes learning finance and business strategy fun. The machinations of the game are simple: buy properties to earn cash flow.  Then, over time and game […]

Smithsonian Channel App

I recently find a great educational app from Smithsonian – Smithsonian Channel. It has many of Smithsonian channel’s videos, some are full episodes, and they are free! It is available on almost all the different devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Kindle. If you want to watch the videos on bigger screen, it is also available […]

Come Visit Us

Come Visit Us is a role play app where kids can learn to be a host, invite guests to tea parties or picnics. There is not much speaking in the app, which is perfect for imagination, story making, or vocabulary and language development. When kids open the app, they get to choose one of the […]

IF app

Parenting tweens and teens is a different challenge than parenting younger kids. Kids this age are more independent, which is good, but sometimes makes it hard for them to accept whatever we are trying to teach them.  It is especially challenging when it comes to social and emotional skills. That is why I am very […]

Barefoot World Atlas

I have been always looking for a good world atlas app to help my son learn about the world, a map not just includes geography information, but also about world culture. I have heard so much about Barefoot World Atlas, and finally got a chance to check it out. I was really impressed and love […]

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The app begins at the Disney Princess Pet Salon where kids meet and pamper six pets from various past Disney Princesses. There are dogs and cats of course but we also have a horse and a bunny. They all have clever names with subtle nods to their respective princesses, my favorite being Cinderella’s dog Pumpkin. […]

Real Friends vs the Other Kind

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Having heard many stories about bullying, and nowadays, cyber bullying, and how much kids involved suffer from the experience, we, as parents and educators, should all work with our kids, help them gain skills in recognizing bully behavior, and be equipped with strategies on handling bully situation. Many times, it […]

Minti Kids Dress Up Luca

Do you kids like to play dress up? Now they can have the dress up fun without messing up the closet. Dress Up Luca is a simple game for toddlers. Kids will dress the little teddy bear Luca with different outfit and see how he responses.  It is an easy way to teach kids who […]


Do your kids like to help in the kitchen? Do they like baking?  BakingFun is a very interesting app they will love to play.  Although it is called BakingFun, the app starts the baking process from the very beginning – planting the wheat seeds.  With a series of mini-games, it shows what it takes to […]

Avokiddo Emotions

I am always excited when I find a good app teaching kids social skills. On iGameMom, we have reviewed quite a few apps helping kids on emotional wellbeing, such as I Learn with Poko and FeelElectric.  Today I want to share another wonderful app that helps kids explore emotions and feelings. Avokiddo Emotions is a fun educational […]

Little Critter Collection 2

If you are an avid user of the iPad for children’s books, then you are no stranger to Oceanhouse Media. They are the developers who bring many childhood classics into a digital format. If you are new to the onscreen versions of these childhood classics, we can tell you Oceanhouse Media does a terrific job […]

Kid ECook

Do your kids like to play in the kitchen? Do they like to play with the food? Having kids involved in cooking could be a good way teaching them about healthy food choices.  Today we have two cooking related apps to review. The first is Kid ECook and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch […]