Apps Teaching Kids Business

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Capital City

Parents may think that teaching children to be entrepreneurs is a bit of a lofty goal for an app, but Capital City make it accessible in a way I never thought possible. It makes learning finance and business strategy fun. The machinations of the game are simple: buy properties to earn cash flow.  Then, over time and game […]

Greenstreet Unleash the Loot

Green$treets: Unleash The Loot! is an innovative game for children to learn money management and financial responsibility in a game setting.  It is FREE.  In the game, kids are on a mission to save animals that are close to being extinct. For each endangered animal, kids must initially design a budget that is enough to […]

Tiny Tower App

After playing Flight Tycoon for a while, my son is in the mood to build a city. I found Tiny Tower for him. It is not about building a city, instead it is a simulation game building a tower, creating and managing businesses in the tower. You can have apartments, tea shop, photo studio, comedy […]

I have been partnering with my son on a game called “Flight tycoon”.  It is a game he found in the App Store, and since it is free, we downloaded for him.  At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the game.  One day, when he showed me what the game was about, I found it very […]