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Best Spelling Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets post image

Memorizing all the spellings is a hard work. We want to use as many tools as possible to help kids learn spelling so they can move from "learn to read" to "read to learn" stage as early as possible. Today we share our top picks of Spelling Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Mobile Devices. This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids on iPad series. For the whole list of the series, please visit Must… Read More

Spelling Games for Grade 2 Kids post image

We shared SpellNow year 1 app a while ago. SpellNow also has published their year 2 app. Compared to the year 1 app, this year 2 app has a similar structure of 4 blocks and 10 lists in each block. It covers spelling skills for 2nd year students, such as common vowel teams (ou, ow, oi, oy, oo and ou), ambiguous vowels (ou, oo and ea), two-syllable words with long vowels, initial sounds (th-, br-, cl- and wh-), final sounds… Read More

Bitsboard Spelling Bee

Are your children working on spellings? Do they participate Spelling Bee contest? Spelling takes daily repetitive practice and a good practice tool makes it a lot easier. Bitsboard Spelling Bee is a new app, it is now free. I don’t know how long it will stay free, so download it now while you can. Make sure purchase the Pro version via In-App purchase, as it is also free now. To purchase the Pro version, all you need is to pick… Read More

Ready K

Ready-K is a Kindergarten readiness app that charts the progress of your child according to Common Core Standards, so of course we love that!  It's very comprehensive in helping kids get ready for kindergarten. It covers the following topics: 1. Quantitative language 2. Early literacy (including print awareness, vocabulary, alphabetical knowledge and phonological awareness 3. Visual discrimination (including visual scanning, event sequencing, size comparison, classifying and pattern recognition) 4. Color Awareness 5. Geometry 6. Math and numbers awareness (including number… Read More

Phonics Fun Short and Long Vowels

Learning phonics is an important step towards reading success. But sometimes it is not that easy to distinguish the short vowel and long vowel sounds. Today’s app is a great phonics app helping kids get efficient on short vowels and long vowels. It is a fun game like workbook for kids, it is free for limited time. In addition to short vowel and long vowel practice, it also has letter tracing, spelling, and sight words, so even you think your… Read More

iSort Words

The iSort Words app teaches children various forms of word patterns.  It teaches how the beginnings and endings of various words can be split up and combined to form different words and in doing so also teaches vocabulary, spelling and rhyming. There are four games in the app: Swipe Sort, Push Sort, Speed Sort, and Explore. In Swipe Sort, kids swipe a line through the words whose endings match the top word.  The words jump up from the bottom of the… Read More

Froggy Phonics

Phonics apps are tough to create. They need to be able to keep a child engaged without distracting them too much from the learning at hand. Froggy Phonics app is based on an award-winning board game. In the app kids are engaged as they hop a cute frog from lily pad to lily pad in search of a correct word. Even as an adult, I must admit it's a pretty good time. At the bottom of the screen kids will find… Read More

Super Why Phonics Fair

Super Why Phonics Fair is another early literacy app for kids from PBS Kids. PBS really knows what they're doing with all of their early childhood education programs. They make their characters so adorable and relatable, kids jump at the chance to play and learn along with them. When I told my son we had a new phonics app starring his friends from Super Why he nearly fell out of his chair. This app of course meets common core standards… Read More

WordGirl  Surperhero Training

WordGirl Superhero Training is a vocabulary learning app based on the PBS KIDS series WordGirl.  In this app, you can have up to three different "superheroes" play their own separate games, perfect for households of more than one kids. Kids will love play vocabulary games with WordGirl. Once kids choose their look and their name, they are taken to their lair to play games.  There are four games within this app; a game of logic, reflexes, navigation, and memory.  The lair… Read More

Lola ABC Party 2

Lola Panda series launched a new app Lola’s ABC Party 2.  We reviewed Lola’s ABC Party , and this new app is a sequel to the first app. The first app is designed for preschool kids, focusing on letters with some sight words. Lola’s ABC Party 2 is an app designed for kids age 5 to 8, helping kids learn sight words and spelling. In this app, kids will help Lola set up a picnic – they have to help… Read More