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Words that Go with Richard Scarry Busytown Cars

We're big fans of Richard Scarry so anything we come across of his in app form is very exciting. One of our personal favorite pages of Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever is of all the different silly cars. There's a pickle car, a pencil car, even an egg car. So imagine our excitement when we discovered this app is about spelling out the different kinds of cars stopped at the stop light? Once you spell them correctly, the car… Read More

Learn Sight Word with Smiley Sight Words App post image

Sight words are very important in reading ability development.  According to Patricia Cunningham in Phonics They Use, “In order to read and write fluently with comprehension and meaning, children must be able to automatically read and spell the most frequent words. As the store of words they can automatically read and spell increases, so will their speed and comprehension.” We want our children be able to “read to learn”, but they have to pass the “learn to read” stage first… Read More

The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure

What fun Apps!   The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure is based on Mercer Mayer’s classic book of the same title and features his incredible original artwork.  It is a story book app with two options. One is to go on a Reading Adventure, two is to just read the story yourself, which is a great option for this app as the Reading Adventure can take a long time. On this adventure the whole Critter Family needs to get to Lake Wakatookee for… Read More

Learn with WordFriends

Learn with WordFriends is an educational game from WordWorld, the Emmy-winning show seen on PBS. It is a TV show teaching kids about words.  I found their website  have a lot great activity ideas helping young kids on their literacy.  In the app, kids will see the familiar characters if they’ve been watching the show.  They will play games building and discovering words with the 7 characters: Dog, Duck, Sheep, Ant, Bear, Pig and Frog.  There are three types of games… Read More

Kids Vocab

A while ago I introduced Mindsnacks Spanish app.   Now they have a kids vocabulary app with similar game settings. Different from typical ways that English is taught at school, the app groups words by context.  The first lesson is all about animal life, so you see the words: omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, fauna, scavenger, voracious.  Kids can jump into games right away, or they can choose to take the lesson first.  In the lesson, they will see a cute picture illustrating the meaning… Read More

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is a very cute app teaching kids letters and spelling.  The developer of this app also developed The Monster at the End of This Book.  When kids open the app, they will see words with monster pictures.  All words are arranged by alphabetic order.  There are many different words to choose from.  Once the child pick a word, the word will zoom up, the monsters will take all the letters away and spread them all over the screen. … Read More

First Word Valentine

Valentine's Day is next week.  I found an educational Valentine app – First Words Valentine.  It is a free app teaching kids about letters, how letters relate to words, and how to spell words.  It is designed for toddlers, with limited words, but all are Valentine related. When kids start the app, they will see letters spread out on the screen.  Their job is to move the correct letter to the suggested spot to make them into a word, such… Read More

Sat Vocabulary Visuals and Audios

After I reviewed Word A Day Visuals and Audios, I found out the developer VocabAhead has some other vocabulary apps.  One of them is SAT Vocabulary Visuals and Audios.  It has over 1000 SAT most common words.  Like Word A Day Visuals and Audios, SAT Vocabulary uses funny pictures and story audios to help kids learn.  I like their full-brain learning approach a lot.  With the combined effect of visuals, audios, and contextual storylines, it makes understanding and mastering tough English… Read More

Scribblenauts – Teaches Creative Thinking and Spelling in One Game post image

Scribblenauts Remix is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy.   I like it especially for the open-ended play.  There is no right-wrong answer.  You solve a puzzle in your own unique style. The app has a variety of brain-teasing puzzles.  The solutions to the puzzles are endless, so you can re-play the same puzzle again and again.  For example, the first puzzle is to grab the star on a tree.  The child can choose to cut the tree… Read More


Now kids are back to school.  This means weekly spelling lists started.  I found a great app that can help the busy parents keep track of the lists, and ensure the kids are learning the words with fun: VocabularySpellingCity.  It is free. With the app, your child will be able to learn the words from the list you or the teacher gave them.  You do have to have an account (FREE to sign up) with them and have to create… Read More

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