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Big Cat Race

As much as I enjoyed all the great educational apps I have been recommending, I have always hoped to find apps that can get kids outside of house and running.  Apps for star gazing, bird watching, remotely monitor helicopter, or even math games involving walking around, are all my favorite apps.  Today I am going to recommend an app that will really get kids moving.  It is called Big Cat Race. What the app does is to set up a… Read More

Albert: Free Mini-game collection

Albert is a collection of 20 mini games.  The first 10 games are free.  From turning off an array of alarm clocks to help Albert sleep more, to moving the slippery soap to the bathtub so Albert can have a bath, to calling the dog to stop before he steps over the cliff, … all games are creatively designed with ingenious use of the device's functions, such as touchscreen, accelerometer, or microphone. In addition to the games, I really like… Read More

Kindle App

For so long, I forgot I had Kindle app on my iPhone and iPAD.  With the app, I could download a Kindle book from Amazon on my iPhone and iPAD.  In fact, Amazon has Kindle apps for all different devices: iPhone, iPod, iPAD, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Mac, Windows 7, XP,Vista, and Windows 8.  Here is the website if you need more information on Kindle apps.  They are all free. Once you installed the Kindle app on your device, you… Read More

Timeline Eons

Timeline Eons is an app that displays major events throughout the history of the world.  All events are organized along the timeline.  You can choose to zoom the timeline to see more events during a certain time period.  Most events have pictures.  Tap on each single event will bring up more detailed information of that event.  If you are connected to the internet, the app will also bring up the auto search results of the event in Google or Wikipedia… Read More

Peterson Birds

After iGameMom introduced the Audubon Birds App, I started paying attention to other bird apps.  Thanks for Nigel Hall’s note, I learned about Peterson Feeder Birds of North America.  It is a FREE app about feeder birds.  Similar to Audubon Birds, you will be able to look up birds with pictures, locations (state), nest, etc.  What is different is this app’s focus on feeder birds, ie., the birds you see in your backyards.  It covers 160 common North American backyard… Read More

Rainbow Sentences

I had readers asking about Rainbow Sentences App.  I contacted Mobile Education Tools, who developed the app, and received a copy of the app.  After reviewing the app, I was really impressed by the design – no matter it is the picture, or the choices of the sentences, or the lesson style. Rainbow Sentences’ target users are kids who have difficulties following traditional teaching methods, and those (kids or adults) who are learning English as a second language.  It is… Read More


Jazzy ABC is from the same developer of Jazzy Day.  Kids learn ABC with music instrument name.  It is free right now. Introduction at the App Store: Does your child know what a saxophone looks like or what a guitar sounds like? Offer your kids a brand new musical learning experience, as they learn the alphabet and expand their vocabulary! Special Features: ★ Interactive pages - tap the animals or instruments and listen. ★ Audio recordings of real acoustic instruments… Read More

Educational App Giveaway – Monster Physics post image

iGameMom has one copy of Monster Physics to giveaway.  To learn more about the app, please see iGameMom’s earlier post. Six ways to win: 1. If you are not following this blog AT THIS NEW SITE, “Sign Up” at the top of the left panel to follow the blog. Make sure to click the confirmation link in the confirmation email after you sign up. Otherwise your name won’t show up. Each sign up earns one entry. 2. If you are following… Read More

Bag It – turning an ordinary activity into a learning game post image

Bag It is a puzzle game that turns bagging groceries into a challenge.  To win the game, you need to have a very good sense of space and relative weights of different items. In the game, you take groceries off a conveyor belt and put them into a brown paper bag.  By tapping the objects, you can rotate each item to fit into the bag better and not to crush anything. The objective is to place all the groceries that… Read More


Summer is a good time to visit some parks.  I found an amazing app about US National Parks – Fotopedia National Parks.  In the app, there are over 3000 stunning photos of the 58 National Parks in the USA accompanied with park information.  What is more amazing, it is FREE.  The only catch: It requires an Internet connection (either Wifi or cellular - edge or 3G) to operate properly. Introduction from the App store: Discover first the diversity of the… Read More

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