CosmoCamp Dress Up App

There is a Polar Bear and a Panda Bear named Migo and Pandy who both love to play dress up.  If your kids are in the 2-3 toddler range or in the 3-5 pre-school range, they’re going to love to play dress up with Migo and Pandy too. What is even better, you won’t see all […]

The Book of Holes

The Book of Holes is what I like to call a ‘progressive’ approach to explaining the way the world works by virtue of its holes. This App is based on a 2006 Children’s Book written and designed by Poul Lange, a Design Firm based in LA who creates among other things, book cover designs. In […]

LEGO Movie Maker

We are crazy about this LEGO Movie Maker App. The reason we love it so much mostly stems from its versatility. My son and I can make a very rudimentary ten second film, or we can pass it off to my husband who might just produce a full length feature soon because he is so […]

Easy Studio Animate with Shapes

Easy Studio – Animate with shapes is a fun app you and your kids will all like.  Just like the app title suggested, it lets kids put together animations on the iPad using only geometric shapes. There are two play modes: Easy and Expert.  When kids first start the app, they will be in Easy mode.  Kids […]

Buildo Museum Sticker Book

The Buildo Museum is an interactive sticker book. It  allows your child the opportunity to create their own scenes inside a spooky museum. They have three options to choose from: 1. The gallery floor where they can hang paintings (or perhaps stage a heist!). 2. The dusty museum attic full of cobwebs and discarded artifacts. 3. The […]

Bamba Pizza

Do your kids like pizza?  Do they like to make pizza?  We have a local pizza restaurant where kids can watch, through a big window, how pizzas were made.  Every time when we eat there, my son has to go watch and there are always many kids line up at the window waiting for their […]

Toca Tailor

Toca Tailor is FREE for limited time, from typical price $2.99.  iGameMom reviewed Toca Tailor Fairy Tale, a similar app from the same developer.  While Toca Tailor Fairy Tale has two fairy characters for kids to play with, Toca Tailor has four characters.  It is an app I would recommend even if it is not […]

ArtMail App

Traveling with kids can be one of two things…an absolute joy, or a terrifyingly stressful ordeal. The best thing a parent can do to prevent the latter is to BE PREPARED. Enter my secret weapon—the iPad. On long bus, train or plane rides, we do as many non-digital activities as possible. But the inevitable point […]

Collins Big Cat It Was Cold Dark Night Story Creator for iPad

Today’s review is by Iona Burchell, who is a wife and mum of two.  In her spare time she is a freelance writer, and has written for online and print media in a range of subjects varying from education to sport to travel.  You can find her blog at or feel free to tweet @Redpeffer.  Today Iona will […]

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales App

Toca Boca just released a new app Toca Tailor Fairy Tale, and it is FREE.  Toca Boca is known for developing apps with open-ended free play.  I have reviewed their Toca Doctor, Toca Store, Toca Kitchen, and Toca Hair Salon.  None of them disappointed me.  In this new app Toca Tailor Fairy Tale, they bring the old-fashioned dress up play […]


Squiggles is a creative app for young children.  It is FREE for limited time. Introduction on App Store:  Pictures come to life with “Squiggles!”, a revolutionary new educational drawing app for young children. A child’s simple hand-drawn squiggle can become a bird’s nest, rocket smoke, cotton candy, sheep’s wool, a curly beard, and more! Simply […]

Felt Board App

Do you like felt board? Have you used it before? I liked felt board, except that it was hard to find the pieces you wanted many times. Now with Felt Board app, this won’t an issue anymore. All pieces are well organized, and you don’t even have to worry about losing any. In the Felt […]


Educreations is originally designed for teachers.  It turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard.  Users can create a tutorial video with pictures, adding notations on the pictures, recording voices, and, of course, writing on the board. You can use it teaching almost anything.  Once you finish recording, you can share it with people of your […]


Faces iMake is a creative art app and more.  It lets kids create arts with objects they see every day, such as brush, banana, plates, and buttons.  Kids can re-size, rotate, flip the objects they choose, and then put the pieces together to make a masterpiece.  There is no limit to the imagination. The app […]