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Cut the Rope Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope released their FREE holiday game app again this year.  Like last year, it is only going to be around for a limited time, but it is FREE.  If you want to get it, get it when it is available.  It is a great physics based game with a lot challenges. If you have not played the game, you can take a look at iGameMom's reviews HERE and HERE. The Holiday Gift has 25 levels of game play. … Read More

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is another game that is physics based. To play, you must cut dangling ropes that hold candy to make the candy fall into the mouth of the cute green monster "Om Nom".  To win the game, you must cut certain ropes in a specific order and at the perfect timing to swing the candy over the monster.  There are three stars in each puzzle that you need to collect by swinging the candy into them. You can… Read More

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