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Back to School Apps

It is hard to believe the school is starting soon. Are you ready for the kids going back to school? Are the kids ready? We have shared our tips on how to prepare kids for back to school. Today I am also sharing some wonderful apps that will help kids be ready to back to school, and do well at school for various subjects. I hope these back-to-school apps will help the kids to achieve straight A's and stay happy socially! First, here… Read More

Math Apps for Elementary Kids

Many families have tablets for kids now. It is important for kids to understand smart phones and tablets are learning tools, not toys. The best way to establish the concept is to install educational apps on the tablets, and show them how to learn with tablets. We have a page of Best Educational Apps for Kids by age and subjects. Today's list Best Math Apps for Kindergarten and Early Elementary Kids is on it too. I am sure there are a… Read More

Alphabet of Insects

The Alphabet of Insects is an educational book app from the developer Oceanhouse Media. This is an alphabet book that goes through each letter, a to z, sharing a new insect with each new letter.  With the warm weather, your child will have fun reading and learning about new bugs and insects. Kids will have fun learning about alphabet and insects at the same time. What better way to encourage learning than to discuss with your child possible new findings… Read More

Just a Day at the Pond – Little Critter

Just a Day at the Pond by Mercer Mayer is a book in the classic Little Critter series. Book apps are a great way to promote literacy, encourage imagination, and learn new vocabulary words. A book from a classic series helps kids engage in the story quicker and easier. Although it is designed for children ages 2 to 5, a classic book like this can bring back memories and is great for the family to enjoy together. This book is… Read More

A Great Day for Pup

A Great Day for Pup is another book app from Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Learning Library. It is based on the original print book of the same title. We have recently become big fans of Cat in the Hat in our household and this book app was an immediate favorite. It has great educational information about various wild baby animals while providing that familiarity that comes with the Cat in the Hat. Book apps promote literacy, word recognition… Read More

Just a Little Music Book App

Today I have a book app to share with you: Just a Little Music by Mercer Mayer. Mercer Mayer is the author of the Little Critter books. Little Critter is the main character and is a furry little character that resembles a porcupine or hedgehog, however the author has never identified what exact animal he is. His first book dates back all the way to 1975 so he has been around a while. It's great to see storybooks from my… Read More

Learn Dinosaur Science with Dinosaur Train A to Z post image

If your child is a fan of dinosaurs then this app is for you! From the popular PBS children's cartoon show comes a fun, educational app all about dinosaurs and the alphabet. This science app allows your child to take a deeper look at dinosaur facts and interact in a way they can't with the television show. This app encourages your child to explore science and natural history through learning about various dinosaurs with names ranging from every letter of… Read More

The Sweet Adventure Interactive Story Book App

The Sweet Adventure from CosmoCamp is an interactive story book app about a fun hippo who loves cooking. This app is the second in a series of storybooks. Check out a recent review of the first story in this series of books Free Early Reader Storybook App Incredi-Ride. Storybooks are a great tool for literacy development. Bringing books to life through technology is a great way to expand on literacy skills while also covering so many other areas such as fine motor… Read More

Bean’s Books

Bean's books are great beginner books and they are now available on the iPad and iPhone, and Android! This series of books was written by Sarah Hines Stephen. Originally released as board books, they are now available in ebook style. These books are geared toward 1 to 3 year olds and utilize simple words and phrases to tell a story. These eBooks come alive and allow your toddlers to explore the pages and learn new words. All books complete with playful… Read More

Curious about Shapes and Colors

What a fun way to learn shapes and colors with Curious George! My son is a huge fan of Curious George books, so this app was an immediate hit in our household. This Curious George app focuses on shapes and puzzles through the storyline that George needs help putting back together his toys. It has easy enough puzzles for my 2 year old to play with while also some more advanced that he needs my help with. This app is… Read More

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