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Family Night Ideas – Good Family Movies and Games post image

With all the school activities, family and work responsibilities, it is hard to fit family night into our busy schedule unless we intentionally plan for it. Do you have family night? What do you do? I have been looking for family night ideas, and find some good family movies and games that are educational and fun. I’d love to hear your ideas. Please do share. We love to play family games. This is the time every one interact with each… Read More

Fun Game for Kids to Learn Social Skills – Yo Kai Watch post image

This post was sponsored by Nintendo as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Do your kids like games? Do you like them to play games? What if it is a game where kids learn social skills while playing? Nintendo just brought a popular game in Japan to the US, it is called Yo-Kai Watch. I like the game as kids can learn social skills through play. The storyline of the… Read More

Be a Math Monster Master with Prodigy Game post image

Do you have a child who likes to play games? How about math? Does he/she like to practice math? Wouldn't it be wonderful if kids like math just like they do with games? Now your dream comes true with Prodigy Game. It is a free math game covering grade 1 to 8. Kids play games like a Pokemon trainer, catching monsters, using math. You can use it on the game website on computer or on tablets. Before you can use… Read More

Educational Board Game Ideas for Family Game Night post image

Getting your kids learning outside of school isn’t an easy task. Especially as kids get older, the last thing they want is more homework. Board games are an easy way to get your kids learning without them even realizing it. From pre-school to high school, there’s always something that can be learnt from a simple board game - they are not to be underestimated! Today we invite Bethany from Show My Homework share some educational board game ideas. From a… Read More

App Went Free: Critical Thinking Games for Kids post image

Winky Think Logic Puzzles has a series of fun logical and critical thinking games for kids. It starts with fun shape and color matching, but gradually goes into complex puzzle games full of obstacles that require reasoning, observation and spatial cognition skills to solve. It is a fun game for the whole family. It is currently free for limited time. The games are roughly grouped into 3 skill levels, with over 180 puzzles in total. The first level is very… Read More

Brain Booster Exercises

Brain Booster Exercises is a fun brain training app that is not only good for kids, but also good for grown ups. It is free with options to add more levels via in-app purchase. There are a lot content come with the free download. We actually have not even bothered to add more levels. There are 3 sets of games in the app: Stroop Test, Bigger or Smaller, and Odd One Out. Stroop Test is a set of games that… Read More

Astropolo App

Astropolo is a relatively new app on the App Store, but they’ve been staying on the top chart for quite a long time. It is from one of my favorite developer Les Trois Elles, who developed Easy Studio. Astropolo is a collection of mini games that incorporates visual, auditory and fine motor skills in the play. I love the clever design on play ideas that uses multiple senses and skills. There are 8 games in the app. The first game… Read More

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop

Are you a Strawberry Shortcake fan? If you are, you will like their new app Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop. It is an app where kids can make their own sweets, like smoothies, fruit pops, cake pops. There are many similar apps out there. What make this one unique is kids can create their own recipes and save the recipes for future reference. I like the fact that although it is called sweet shop, most sweets in the app are quite… Read More


Do you like to play Monopoly? Kids learn math, money management, investment, and many life lessons through the play. If you like the game, you may be glad to know that it is available on mobile devices as apps, and there are several Monopoly apps for different versions of Monopoly games. Each version has a separate app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle. The apps offer some features that are not available on the board game versions. Before starting the… Read More

24-7 Science

A while ago, I introduced a Free Science App for kids DIY Sun Science designed by The Lawrence Hall of Science. I explored a little more, and found The Lawrence Hall of Science has a very neat website designed for kids, called 24/7 Science. There are two sections on the site: science activities and online science games for kids.  Science Activities: The science activities can be accessed on both mobile devices and computers. For each activity, you will get a… Read More

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