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Cool Summer Apps for Kids post image

Summer is approaching, what are some good apps for summer?  iGameMom has some suggestions on cool summer apps for kids - fun and educational. Before getting into the apps, have you child-proofed your iPAD / iPhone?  In summer, kids will spend more time on the electronic device, so make sure to child-proof the device to keep your child and the device safe!  Find out how at “How to child proof iPAD”.  There is no school in summer, some families will… Read More

Couple days ago, I came across an article saying kids should not play games on iPad, because iPad is two-dimension, while the real world is 3-dimension. iPad games flatten the real world into a plane. I sort of agree with the author. Yet, I remembered a book I read a couple of years ago (I believe it is "I live in the future", by Nick Bilton). In that book, he cited a finding by a study that among the surgeons… Read More

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