Kindle App

For so long, I forgot I had Kindle app on my iPhone and iPAD.  With the app, I could download a Kindle book from Amazon on my iPhone and iPAD.  In fact, Amazon has Kindle apps for all different devices: iPhone, iPod, iPAD, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Mac, Windows 7, XP,Vista, and Windows 8.  Here […]

Math Racer

One app went free is Math Racer.  I did not review it.  From my quick view, you can think it as a timed math flash card for early elementary school kids.  It trains kids to get the simple math calculations quickly.  Original price $4.99.  I don’t think it worth $5, but for Free, it is a […]

In honor of President’s Day Weekend, “Britannica Kids: US Presidents” is FREE till Midnight EST, Monday February 20.  The original price is $2.99. The app has features, fun facts, and a nice quiz section.  I particularly like the quiz section, which is hidden under the “menu” at the bottom of the starting screen. Below is […]