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A Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas is almost here.  While you are busy getting ready for the holiday celebration, make sure kids have plenty to do.  Luckily, with the mobile devices, everything is easy. You can find and instantly download great entertainments with educational values, and you don't even need get out of the house. To make it even easier for you, iGameMom have picked some great Christmas fun entertainments for kids. You will find great Christmas books, fun holiday games for kids and adults, and holiday movies for the whole family. Believe… Read More

Wombi Toy

Wombi Toy is a game app for kids 3 to 6 years old.  The setting of the game is a toy assembly line operated by a robot. Each time the Kids pull the lever to start the conveyor belt, they will get a broken toy.  The kids’ job is to figure out what is wrong with the toy and fix the toy. There are about 20 different toys. Each toy’s fix is considered a mini-game. It could be painting the… Read More

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