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Mom’s Library

It is time for Mom’s Library! Are your kids still in school?  We have two more weeks of school before the summer starts.  There will be so many things we can do with the kids in the summer, and a lot ideas were shared in last week's Mom's Library.  Today I am featuring summer learning activities. Summer is here. It is great we can learn and play outside. Here are some fun learning activities you can do with kids: Catch… Read More

Off screen with app – draw on egg

With Easter approaching, I always felt I should do something about Easter, but we have pretty much out grown all the egg activities.  It seems hard to find something about Easter egg to get a boy's interest.  Just couple days ago, I came up the idea of using crayon to draw on eggs, based on what we learned from the app iLuv Drawing Monster, and then put the eggs in vinegar.  It was mostly just me being curious about what is… Read More

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