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Hickory Dockory Dock App for Kids

Hickkory Dockory Dock is a beautifully designed app teaching young kids recognize time on a clock. For each number on the clocks, kids get a small treat. It is typically $2.99 on App Store. For limited time, it is FREE. It works on iPhone, iPod, and iPAD. Introduction on the App Store: Help your children learn to read a clock while being entertained by a playful little mouse companion. There are a number of mini games designed to develop specific… Read More


There are so many math apps out there.  It is hard to tell which one is at the right level for my child.  While looking for a math App that is linked with school’s curriculum, I found the SplashMath series. It the series, there is an App for each grade, ranging from grade 1 to 5. All are aligned with state standards.  This takes a lot uncertainty out when parents are trying to decide which app to buy for the kids. … Read More