8 Amazing Science Experiments with Ice Kids Love
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8 Amazing Science Experiments with Ice Kids Love

8 Amazing Science Experiments with Ice Kids Love post image

There are so many fun things you can do with ice. No matter it is in summer or winter, it is always fun for some science experiments with ice. If it is winter, you can find ice outside. If it is summer, hope you can still make some ice in a refrigerator, and they bring some cool sensation to your hot days. These ice science experiments are all amazing to do and to watch, and your child will beg for more.

8 Ice Science Experiments for Kids

Amazing ice science experiments that your kids will ask for more! Especially love the one that you also get to eat some! Cool STEM learning activities for kids from preschool to school age.
Have you tried to grow ice? This is really an eye opening experiment.

Fizzy ice is a fun one for young children to play on their own

This dry ice bubble is simply amazing to watch

Don’t forget to try moving wire through ice, and figure out how could that happen.

Melt frozen hand with salt is a fun one for young children too. It can also be tied to the popular movie Frozen.

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With the same science behind the activity, freeze some ice with LEGO mini figures in it, you have a LEGO excavation activity.

If all these are not enough to amaze your kids, try hot ice. I know I was amazed to see it happens, although it is not ice from water.

Finally freeze some fruity juice of different colors, learn about freezing, melting and color mixing, and have a taste of mixed juice.

Enjoy the fun of ice science with kids!

If you are always trying to find more science activities or broader range of STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math) to do with kids, you will love this book of 52 STEM activities for kids. Each activity also has extension ideas. You can have one for each week for the whole year! To buy the eBook go to eBook Store or click the STEAM Kids book image below the video.

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  • Claire

    I need to try that growing ice experiment.

  • maryanne

    I need to try that growing ice experiment.

  • Theresa

    What fun experiments! I cant wait to try some out with our four 4 year-old children.

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