More Than 70 Autumn Science Activities for Kids to Do This Fall
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More Than 70 Autumn Science Activities for Kids to Do This Fall

More Than 70 Autumn Science Activities for Kids to Do This Fall post image

I love autumn. Don’t you? After the hot summer, kids can go out play without the steamy humidity. With the new school year beginning again, everything starts going into a routine. Plus the rich color of changing leaves, ripen fruits, and the autumn breeze, … There are a lot fun things you can do with kids in the fall. Over the time, we have collected many science experiment ideas for kids, and a lot are great for this fall season. Today we share more than 70 autumn science activities for kids.

70+ Fun Science Activities for Kids to Do in the Fall

More than 70 autumn themed science activities to do with kids this fall season - leaves, apples, pumpkins, pine cones, sun, moon, stars, wind, rain, … and more. Wonderful STEM resource for classroom, homeschool or after school enrichment.
Leaves will start change colors and fall to the ground, autumn is the perfect time to try some science activities with leaves and learn about leaves structure, color change, and its role in plants’ life.

Another easy to find material is pine cone. We have 8 pine cone science activities for kids of all ages. Do you know you can use pine cones to predict weather?

When it is autumn, you can’t forget apples. Try some delicious science experiments with apples with kids.

You will see a lot pumpkins in the fall, why not try some pumpkin science experiments

With the right temperature, fall is a good season for kids to stay outside for extended time period. If the kids like bugs, they will love these science experiments with bugs

With the weather changes, it is a wonderful opportunity to study the weather with hands-on science experiments.

If you get a lot rains, you can do some science experiments with rains.

Does it get windy in the fall in your area? Try these 7 wind science experiments to learn air flow and natural energy.

When it starts to get dark earlier, it is possible for kids to do some science after dark.

It is also a nice season to study sun, moon and stars. Make sure to check out 10 Science Experiment about the Sun, 7 science activities for kids to learn about the moon, and 7 science activities to learn about stars and constellations.

Enjoy the beautiful season.

For more science activity ideas for kids, try 100+ Natural Science Activities for kids. If you are looking for STEM activities for the fall, including math and science, you should read 20 STEM Activities Every Child Should Try This Fall. You may also like 50 Halloween STEM Activities for Kids.
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