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Creative Learning Activities with Candy

Creative Learning Activities with Candy post image

We always try to find creative ways to teach our kids. So far we have shared several creative learning activity ideas, such as Creative Alphabet Learning Activities, Creative pattern practice ideas, Creative artistic activities, Creative sight word activities, Creative Science Activities. Today we are going to explore some creative ways to use candy as learning tools.
Creative learning activities with candy
With Halloween approaching, what do you do with all the candies you are going to have at home? Here are some fun activities – other than eating them – you can do. Hopefully the kids will learn something while having fun, and maybe eating some candies too.

I really enjoyed reading all the ideas about science experiments with candy. Dr. Mom shared 4 science experiments that are very easy, yet tons fun.

Here is another fun candy science activity with Skittles. Kids of all ages will love.

With all the candies you have, you can have kids count them, weight them, or sort them. Depends on your child’s age, you can have them sort the candy by size, by brand, by how much they like them. It might get messy or sticky, but here is a good set up for sorting candy by color, and is easy to clean up.

After you sorted the candies, you can have kids follow instruction in this math activity to weight the candies by groups, and record the data. There are printable sheets provided on the site too. Kids not only learn math, but also data recording, graphing, and hypothesis testing with the candies they get.

If you are up for a counting game, make sure stop at the Taylor House for a Free Halloween Candy Counting Printable. It will set the kids in the Halloween counting mood.

If you are in the mood for a candy craft, this DIY mummy candy cup is pretty easy.

If you have older kids, make some candy and learn some science along the way.  Here is a detailed instruction on how to make lollipops at home, with science questions and answers.  Make sure click the science questions in the instruction. It looks fun, and I think we may try it on one of the weekends.

Have you ever tried to show kids what happens in earthquake with candy bars? This Plate Tectonics with Candy Bar makes a great visual of the earth during earthquake.

Have you tried learning with candies? I look forward to your creative learning ideas.

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