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9 Dictionary Apps for Kids

9 Dictionary Apps for Kids post image

One big advantage of mobile devices in education and learning is the convenience it brings. A big benefit is the dictionary apps. With these apps, kids don’t have to carry those big heavy dictionaries with them, and they can not only check for spelling and meaning of the words, but also hear the pronunciations of the words. Since we first introduced dictionary apps, I have found some more good dictionary apps for kids.

Dictionary Apps for Kids

Dictionary apps for kids from preschool kindergarten to high school. Kids don't have to carry heavy books anymore, but need learn new dictionary skills, such as looking up words by speaking it. | digital learning tools
Merriam Webster Dictionary: it is free to download. The free version has ads in it, but the ads mostly stay at the bottom of screen. I found it ok to use the free one. But if you don’t like the ad, you have option to buy the non-ad version via In-App Purchase. I like the voice search function a lot. Since many time, kids know how to say the word, but don’t know the spelling. This makes it easier for them to find the words they need.

Dictionary.com: it is also free, with option to download the non-ad version. Compared to Merriam Webster, it has more words, but the ads are more prominent. For younger kids who are easily distracted, Merriam Webster will be a better option, but for older kids who know how to ignore the ads, this one is better with more content.

Picture Dictionary for Kids is designed for younger kids like preschoolers. There are enough words in the dictionary and each word has a picture. It is perfect as the first dictionary for kids.

Dictionary for Kids is another one with pictures, but with more content than the last Picture Dictionary. It could be a good transition between the last picture dictionary and a regular dictionary for adults.

Cambridge Dictionary is free to download with In-App Purchase for the full version. It has both English and American pronunciations. The thesaurus feature gives you related words and phrases at every definition, which is very handy when you are trying to find a replace word for your writing.

Cambridge American Dictionary: Cambridge also has a dictionary for American English, and a separate version for Audio American English.

The Free Dictionary is free with option to upgrade to non-ad version. In addition to apps, it also has application for the internet, that you can download onto your computer, which enables you to look up words when you are reading on the internet.

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus with Audio is another free dictionary from Princeton University. It is easy to search word, with audio. The price for the full version is less than most other dictionary apps.

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