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Dragon Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Dragon Themed Learning Activities for Kids post image

How to Train Your Dragon just released a new series on Netflix, Dragons: Race to the Edge. The series tells the story between the two movies. Now it is already on Netflix. I love Netflix, but one drawback is you have all the episodes of the season available at the same time, so you don’t have to wait a week for the next episode. It is good and bad. It is good that you can watch at your own time and pace. The bad thing is the tendency to watch all at one time, without break. It is not healthy, especially for kids. A good idea to break the long hours of watching is to do some show related activities. Here are some fun dragon themed activity ideas for kids.
Dragon themed learning activities for kids
Dragon Crafts

Dragon Puppet for kids to play their own dragon shows.

Stick Dragon is another fun one to make.

Cup and ball dragon to have a dragon of your own. Kids can design the color and shape, and give it a name too.

This Paper Plate Dragon looks very fancy, doesn’t it?

Dragon Collage is perfect for young children.

Dancing Dragon with free printable templates

Hand Print Dragon is another fun activity for young children.

Paper Chain Dragon is fun to make.

Egg Carton Dragon looks really cool.

Toothless Cubee with free printable template is a great craft for older kids.

Wood Spoon Dragon looks very cool, and it is very easy to make.

Dragon Learning Activities

Find the Dragon maze is a fun one for kids from preschool and up.

Dragon Lacing Card is great for fine motor skills.

Dragon Writing Paper for kids to writing a dragon story.

Dragon Acrostic Poem Template for kids to write a poem.

Dragon Cut Out is great for desk decoration, and good scissor skill practice.

Dragon Maze is a good quiet time activity for kids of all ages.

Fly Dragons is interesting to make and fun the play. Who doesn’t like to fly?

Play I Spy with dragon is a fun, especially when it is with your favorite characters.

How to Train Your Dragon Stationery free printables for taking notes and writing stories.

Feed the Dragon is a fine gross motor activity.

Make a Dragon Manual with the free pritnables and learn about dragons.

Dragon Printable Worksheets

Dragon math facts coloring sheet help kids practice math facts.

Dragon Word Search is a fun way to learn dragon related words.

Color by Numbers with Toothless

Color by Numbers with Stormfly

Connect the dots by numbers with Hiccup and Toothless

Connect the dots by numbers with Hiccup and Astrid.

Connect the Dot by Numbers with Astrid and Stormfly

Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragon Mask is a good coloring page for older kids.

Dragon coloring page for younger kids

How to Train Your Dragon Coloring Page of Hiccup and Toothless, and here is another one.

How to Train Your Dragon Coloring Page of Toothless

How to Train Your Dragon Coloring Page of Astrid

Of course, you would like to watch the dragon series show Race to Edge.

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