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Free App: Brain Quest – Curriculum-based Trivia Games


My son used Brain Quest a lot when he was younger.  We both liked it.  It is compact and small for easy carrying around.  Each page has one question for you to focus on.  Depends on the time you have, you can answer 20 questions, or you can answer one question.  The questions are all academic, but cover a broad range of subjects, math, science, history, language, etc.  When I found out Brain Quest has an app, I downloaded it rightaway.

The app is free.  It covers grades 1-5 in one single app, with over 80 questions and 4 levels for each grade.  If you want to have more questions, you can download the full pack via In-App purchase.  The full pack has 600 questions and 28 levels for each grade.  The full pack is $2.99 for each grade, $9.99 for all 5 grades.

Introduction at the App Store:

With Casey, Jake, and Gizmo by their sides, kids can sail through the wisdom islands, trek through a snowy mountain pass, or launch into a BrainQuestAppPicturespace voyage—all while honing their skills in math, science, language, and history. Featuring fun and challenging curriculum-based questions, immersive graphics and soundscapes, and a trio of friendly companions, it’s the app that turns learning into a game. Since content reflects national and state curriculum standards, it’s both a great review tool and a preview of what’s coming next.

App Features:

* Try it for free. Play 100 questions in each grade on us.
* Hours of play. Unlock the app to purchase complete grades and get 600 questions and answers—that’s a lot of learning!
* Curriculum-based and teacher approved. As always, Brain Quest content is vetted by a panel of award-winning educators.
* Educational content meets the best features of game play. An immersive environment and short, playable rounds will have kids itching to complete the journey and rack up the rewards.
* Simple, intuitive swiping and finger-tapping lets kids play independently.
* Fun for the whole family. Track scores for up to 3 kids playing separately, or combine forces by trying a few rounds of pass ‘n’ play.
* Play it again and again. Each round can be played multiple times for a mix of review material and new questions.
* A challenge for super players. For extra difficulty, kids can try to collect all 84 coins in their grade level.

iGameMom Comments:

I like the fact that it is curriculum-based, and it covers a broad range of subjects.  In addition to math and reading, kids also learn history, geography, science, and more.  It is more like a trivia challenge game.  Kids will learn while playing fun games.

It works on iPhone, iPod, iPAD.  It is free to download, with over 80 questions for each grade free.  Full packs with 600 questions for each grade are available via In-App purchase at $2.99 for each grade, and $9.99 for all 5 grades.

There is also a version for Nook.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the  App Store button provided below.  The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!  Note: The button works for all countries.   
BRAIN QUEST - Workman Publishing Company, Inc.

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  • Thanks fro reading my post. I really like your site. With all the work being done on brain plasticity and programs such as cog-med, one would think that you would be able to find apps that do the same and help kids develop working memory and processing speed. A game like like Simon-says would be interesting as bot a memory and speed builder. Are you looking into those?

    • there are brain game apps out there, lumosity app is one of them.

  • Fay

    This looks perfect for Jake, Thanks!

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