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Science After Dark – fun science activities for summer night post image

During summer break, kids like to stay up late. If you are up to it, you may try some of these fun science activities after it is dark. In fact there are so many fun activities you can do with kids after it is dark. Here are some simple ideas. Have fun with science after dark. Stargazing: On a clear summer night, go out and spend time looking at the stars and pointing out constellations. Locate Venus and talk to… Read More

Enjoy Children’s Books Around the World within 1 App post image

Love of reading is the best gift parents can give to their children. The most important factors that are shown with positive effect of children’s reading ability are the availability of books at home and parents reading with kids. Now children are spending more and more time on digital devices, it is a good idea to have reading apps for kids on your smart phones and tablets. Digital books on mobile devices have many advantages. Mobility is one, carrying many… Read More

6 Ways to Help Kids Enjoy Books at a Young Age post image

We’ve heard it again and again that the best gift we can give to our children is the love of reading. But what can parents do to make kids enjoy reading and enjoy books? There are so many ways, and every parent is doing it differently. Here are some we’ve done that worked well for us. I’d love to hear your ideas and the books you used. At the end of the post, we are having a kid’s book giveaway… Read More

Play Preschool at Home with Grandma post image

We have reviewed several Grandma Grandpa series apps. I love the fun grandma and grandpa and the interesting learning activities they have. Today they launched a new app called Grandma's Preschool. If you have a preschool age child, check it out. Your child will love it. It is essentially a preschool on your tablet. Kids can learn and play preschool at home. When kids start the app, they will see a room like most preschool classroom. There are several stations… Read More

Giveaway to Celebrate ABC Gurus Now in Five Languages post image

ABC Gurus just had a new update. Kids can now play the app in 5 languages: English (US & UK), Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. To celebrate the new update, Colto the develop of this fun app is giving away 5 apps to iGameMom readers. You can download the app using the coding below. ABC Gurus is a fun alphabet app designed with the incidental learning method. It is just like the natural way that kids acquire the language. Instead… Read More

Fun Kitchen Math Activities for Kids post image

Do you like math? Math is in our daily life. The more you help kids relate math with things they like, the more they will like math. Today we share some ideas of kitchen math activities for kids, things you can do with kids in your kitchen that also use their math skills. Make a necklace with cheerios: you can also use any o-shaped snacks. Tell kids you are going to make a necklace with certain number of cheerios, ask… Read More

Fun Number and Counting Activities for Kids post image

Learning numbers and counting could be really fun. There are so many things that we can count with kids no matter where we go. But how to count with a preschool or kindergarten kids? How to make the counting activities different and interesting? Today's app Numbers and Counting with Teacher Tilly will show you 5 different ways to learn numbers. Numbers and Counting is a math app for kids age 2 to 6, helping them learn and practice numbers and… Read More

Free Online Non-fiction Reading For Kids post image

We all know today's kids facing a changing world, that the knowledge base of human being grows faster and faster. It is crucial for kids to have the skills to be a self-learner. They can gather information from different sources and decipher the information, connect the dots, and form their own knowledge base and opinions on subjects they need learn. One big building block in this self-learning process is reading non-fiction materials. Reading non-fiction is very different from reading fiction… Read More

Hands-On Engineering for Kids with Examples of Simple Machines post image

We always love toys that let you build and move. When the team of Tinybop told me they launched a new app Simple Machines, I had to check it out. Like the other apps from Tinybop, this is an exploratory app for kids to get hands on and to play with the simple machines in the app and to figure out how they work on their own. It is not just teach kids what simple machines are. Instead it uses… Read More

Play, sing, create and orchestrate with Opera Maker your own opera. Share the results as a video with your friends and family. You direct, choose the stage setting and the costumes. Create your very own story on the stage with ease. Take a photo of yourself and lend your face to the characters. Give them an extra special touch with your own voice. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Opera Maker Note: App news submitted… Read More

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