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7 Sand Science Experiments for Kids post image

We have been posting many natural science experiments for kids. Today we share some sand science experiment ideas to do with kids. You can do these activity at beach, or sand box at home, or a park. Kids all like to play with sand, and let's play! Kids all like to build sand castles. Do you know why sand can stack on top of each other? It is because the sand grains all have flat surfaces. However, every one built… Read More

App Series Teaching Kids To Be Good Readers post image

We all want our kids to grow as readers. But teaching reading, especially to beginning and developing readers, can seem a little tricky. There are lots of "moving parts" that have to come together for reading to occur. That's why I was so excited to be a part of developing some apps that can help kids grow as readers! The ultimate goal of reading is to make meaning. After all, it's hard to enjoy a book or learn something new… Read More

ScienceFun is an iOS app designed for kids aged 5-8 years old. It introduces lots of concepts in Science for the budding scientists in a fun and interactive way. It has 4 different games each focusing on different Science concepts that elementary level kids must be familiar with.'Learn While you Play' is the motto of ScienceFun. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: LilGenius Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom… Read More

Apps to Help Students Get Organized post image

Organization skills are very important study skills for kids to be successful in school, and they also carry over to kids’ adult life. It is helpful to help some effective organization tools while teaching kids organization skills. Today we share the best apps to help students get organized. myHomework: tracks students’ class, homework, projects; it also sends reminders. The schedule structure is very flexible, no matter what kind of schedule a student has, weekly, block schedule, … the app can… Read More

This is an engaging app for teaching kids tracing & recognize shapes. There are lots of basic shape templates for kids to trace. When a shape traced ok, it will become a fun object (such as flower, fish, bug, car, shape man or bird). For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Labo Lado Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. Like to… Read More

Fun Math App for Kindergarten Kids post image

Helping kindergarten kids learn math is fun, yet challenging sometime. They have a short attention span and it is hard to keep their attention for long to get the math concepts stick with them. That is why I liked the app MathLab Kindergarten. It has many different small games that are easy for young kids, and fun to engage their interest for long enough that they can understand and master the math concepts. There are two ways to use the… Read More

Flying with Kids is a new app for parents that will help them get prepared and armed with tools to make their flight with children a success. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: James Denyer Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. Like to receive future articles for FREE? Sign Up Below!  … Read More

Fun Raining Day Science Activities for Kids About Rain post image

Do you have a lot rain? What can kids do in those raining days? Why not try some fun activities with the rain? Here are some fun science experiments for kids to learn about rain. I'd love to hear what do you do with your kids when it is raining. Any science activities for kids about rain? Create cloud in a jar with water and ice. Make a rain in the jar: this is an activity need adult supervision, as… Read More

Puzzlecopters is cute, logic game for 3-6 year old kids. The kid must replicate the sequences in numerous configurations in four interactive worlds. All is given in fresh, good-looking, interactive, physics driven scenery. For more information, go to… Read More

Smart Ways to Use Tablets with Kids during Travel post image

Now more and more families own tablets. It is almost a must while families travel. If you are taking a tablet with you, more than likely your kids will get on it too. However, taking a tablet with you when you are traveling doesn't mean you should let kids play games on it whenever they can. One, they should not stare at the screen for too long. Two, there are ways for hands on educational activities using tablets. Yes, you… Read More

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