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STEM Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers post image

STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math) is in our everyday life. The more kids see them, the more they participate activities involving STEM, the more chance they will like them and be good at them. We have been sharing many STEM activities at iGameMom. Each time we try to share activities for a wide age range, from toddler and preschooler to school age. Today we focus on STEM activities for preschoolers and toddlers. One of our favorite activity is microwave Ivory… Read More

Learn Math Tricks for Algebra with Mathemagics post image

Learning math is fun. It should be. Today we share an app that teaches kids math tricks for algebra: Mathemagics. It is the 2nd app in the series. The first Mathemagics app focuses on math tricks on mental math calculations, like adding and multiplying two digit numbers, or dividing a number by 7. This 2nd app in the series teaches math tricks on algebra. It is a great way to learn thinking differently and encourage kids to find better solutions… Read More

Helpful Reading Resource for Teachers and Students post image

Recently I found another reading resource that is really helpful for kids, especially for teachers. It is a completely free resource, with reading materials, vocabulary sheets, and reading questions. The reading content subjects include science, social studies, original fiction and original reporting. All the reading materials are organized by grade levels. You can also search by keywords, Lexile level, skill and strategy. It is easy to find materials that fit your need. The site is readworks.org. You do need sign… Read More

Learn Physics Through Art post image

Can you learn physics through art? Physics In Art is a free app teaching kids physics through art. It is designed by a physics professor at Drexel University. The artworks used in the app are all from Philadelphia Museum of Art, but you don't have to be at the museum to use the app. The app has pictures of the artworks. Of course, if you are visiting Philadelphia Museum of Art, it will be neat to go to the real… Read More

Pile Up is a challenging, easy to use and addictive game. Score points by joining like coins and objects. Discover how much money and how many luxury goods you can amass. But watch out for the Tax Man, he's after your dough! If you give him the opportunity he will steal as much of your hard earned stash as he can. For more information, go to app on the App Store. Posted By: Parys Technografx Ltd Note: App news submitted… Read More

7 Science Activities for Kids to Learn About the Moon post image

We have posted many science activities for kids. Hope these activity ideas will help kids learn that science is in our everyday life, and encourage kids to have a curious scientific mind. Today we share some fun science activity ideas for kids to learn about moon. The first thing you can do with kids to learn about moon is to observe the moon. Using these free printable observation record sheet, you can teach kids how and what to observe. Now… Read More

The Super Puppies have finally arrived! A new kids game for the iPhone, iPad, Super Puppies is a cute and fluffy adventure filled with fun, puppies, and a heartwarming story. Determined to defeat the evil Blob King, players must rescue each Super Puppy to save all of Puppy Land. Play as a pug, shiba, bulldog, and many other favorite breeds! For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Marco Anich Note: App news submitted by app developers… Read More

Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words post image

I reviewed the first two Bob Books Reading Magic Apps and loved them. Now the series launched their 3rd app: Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words. It is just as good. If you have a child learning sight words, I highly recommend this one. It goes well with Bob Books book series, but it can also be used by itself. There are 4 levels of games. All follow the same story and thus use the same words. Level one is… Read More

Create Your Own Stop Motion Movies with GoldieBlox post image

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine is a free app where kids can create their own stop motion movies. Kids can draw, color, create the movie screen by screen to see how stop-motion and animation works. It is designed for kids 4 and up, but even younger kids can use it. It is a great free app to have for family fun. When kids first start the app, they will watch a short movie explaining how animation works in a story… Read More

Plexiword is created to challenge a person’s mind to its limits. It is a brain teaser that plays around with the arrangement of letters, words and numbers to form a word. For example, you may see the letters "T O U C H” written vertically, you would read the word from top to bottom to solve for the answer “TOUCHDOWN”! Download it for free! For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Gail Santos Note: App news… Read More

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