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4D Flashcards Bringing Subjects to Life post image

Do you like flashcards? I had never been very interested in flashcards, and have not used them much. I think they are just for memorization work, and kids usually can remember what they are interested without using those cards. So for me, most of our work with kids are talks, discussion, with the goal to spark their interest and to encourage them to explore. But recently I have seen some interesting flashcards. When combined with apps, you can see the… Read More

200 Winter Science Activities for Kids post image

Winter is cold, but it is also fun time for kids. We usually still go out to enjoy the cold outdoor. When it is too cold, we try to find some activities for indoor play. As our collection of 70 Autumn Science Activities for Kids was so popular, we are putting together a collection of winter science activities for kids as well. Winter is a wonderful time to learn about COLD. We have 11 cold science experiments for kids to… Read More

Mom’s Library

Today we feature free Dr. Martin Luther King Jr resources for kids. We have free videos, printables, and learning activities. For the free printables, if you don't have access to a printer, or just don't want to print on paper, you can have kids work on the PDF files on iPAD directly. For a detailed instruction, please visit How to Read and Write on PDF or Image Files on iPAD A good way to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is to watch the… Read More

Apps to Help Students Get Organized post image

Do you kids forget homeworks? Are they late for turn in projects? Organization skills are very important study skills for kids to be successful in school, and they also carry over to kids’ adult life. It is helpful to have some effective organization tools while teaching kids organization skills. Today we share the best apps to help students get organized. myHomework: tracks students’ class, homework, projects; it also sends reminders. The schedule structure is very flexible, no matter what kind… Read More

Science Experiments for Kids about Colors post image

Colors always amazes me. Have you wonder why there are so many different colors? Have your kids asked you about colors? Here is a nice explanation about colors. Basically, when light shines on an object, parts of the light are absorbed by the object and others are bounced off or reflected off the object. The colors we see are the parts of the light that are reflected. It is a very abstract concept for kids to fully understand. However with… Read More

Mom’s Library

How are your kids with homeworks and school projects? How about the responsibility they have at home? such as cleaning their rooms, put away toys? Do they always remember putting away the school bags? or just drop the bag anywhere? Today's kids have a lot responsibilities, homework, school project, reading list, spelling list, papers need be signed, books need be returned to the library, not to mention soccer practice, game schedule, snack schedule, … How to keep track of all… Read More

70 Free New Year Printable Activities for Kids post image

What is your plan for New Year's Eve and New Year's day? We always like to watch some movies for New Year's Eve, then do family activities on New Year's day. It is a time signal new start, definitely a time for celebration and definitely a time to spend as a family. If you have been busy for holiday preparation, and looking for last minute activities to do with kids for the New Year's, you've come to the right place… Read More

Bo Matching Game free Christmas app for kids

With holiday approaching, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.  While you are busy getting everything ready for the holiday, here are 8 free Christmas apps for kids. Most apps are good for all ages to enjoy, hope they bring joys to your home in this busy holiday season. Jingle All the Way : a warm story about a lovely dog Jingle, who finally find a home for the holiday. It is made by Hallmark in conjunction with their interactive toy… Read More

Movies to Watch with Kids on New Year’s Eve post image

Do you have special plans for New Years Eve? It is the exciting moment of the year. For me I enjoy the most when the whole family sit down and enjoy a good holiday movie together. It gives the magic warm feeling that will last for a long time. Do you have favorite New Year's Eve movies? Here are some of my favorites. I'd love to hear yours too. If you click on the movie title, you will be led to… Read More

6 Fun Snow Science Experiments for Kids post image

Have you got any snow yet? We had a lot last week. I had collected many interesting snow science experiments and I think you will like them too. They are great fun for a snow day. In case you don't have snow, we also have a snowflake activity for you that doesn't require any real snow. Enjoy! How clean is snow: collect snow from different locations, such as the side of a drive way, back of the house, and put in containers at… Read More

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