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Newly released app features 183 most important animated verbs in high quality 3D format. There are 3 modes: 'Verbs', 'Sentence' and 'Test'. Many cute animations will definitely attract your child' attention. Available in 10 Languages for FREE. For more information, go to the app's website. Posted By: Reputas LLC Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. //… Read More

App Went Free: Fun Game for Visual Pattern Recognition post image

Link That Gugl is a fun app for any one, no matter how old you are. There are similar games on the App Store, but I like this one for the fun characters of the Gugls. Kids will gain visual pattern recognition and fine motor skills while playing. It is also a game for the family to play together. Gugls are the cute and round little guys in different colors and hues. With two big eyes, baby'ish voices, and bouncy… Read More


Can the ugliest dog in the land save the princess from becoming dragon dinner? Children at all ages are invited into this compelling and visual story, about friendship, bravery, anti-bullying - and a bony, drooling dog-like beast-thingy. Who's actually very sweet. In his own way. For more information, go to the app's website. Posted By: Aleksander L. Nordaas Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. //… Read More

Free App: The Foos Teaches Preschoolers Coding post image

This week is Computer Science Education week. To correspond to the campaign Hour of Code, we are sharing a fun coding app designed for preschool kids, and it is Free.  The app is called The Foos: Code for an Hour. The app introduces programming concepts through exciting puzzle adventures. It is for kids or adults who know nothing about coding or programming. So get started, download the app, put in your hour of code this week! There are 24 levels… Read More

400+ Free Christmas Themed Learning Printables for Kids post image

It is time for Mom’s Library! Our 100 Free Christmas Printable is getting very popular. I love printable worksheets, especially now you can have kids work on the printables directly on iPad, it becomes more convenient to use printable worksheets. Today we collected over 400 pages of Free Christmas worksheets. They cover different topics, subjects, for kids of different age levels. Have fun! 180 pages of Christmas learning worksheets, including marching, math, alphabet, sight words, … Over 70 pages of… Read More

Christmas Movies for Kids on Netflix post image

While the holidays are closer, I start looking for Christmas movies for kids that we can watch at family nights. My first go to place is Netflix. Here are some Christmas movies for kids that are available on Netflix now. Hope they will bring holiday joys to your family. All movies are linked to Amazon for two reasons. One there are more reviews on Amazon for your to decide if it is a good movie for your family. Two I… Read More

Gain Better Number Sense with Quick Math Jr post image

Developing a good number sense in the early years has a direct impact on a child's future math achievement. There are many ways to help preschool kids gain number sense. Today we have a great app for it: Quick Math Jr. It is designed for kids in preschool to first grade. Kids gain number sense via fun interactive games. There are many aspects in relate to number sense: what the numbers mean; how numbers relate to each other; how numbers… Read More

Best Learning Tools for Kids – Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Skills post image

Critical thinking and problem solving skills are very important for a child's academic and future career, or even life success. How do you teach a child critical thinking skills? How do kids get better at it? There are many elements in critical thinking, assesse, analyze, compare, question, create, ... I find the best way to help kids improve the critical thinking skills is to present age appropriate challenging problems and encourage them to solve the problems in their own ways. Today… Read More

Free App: Personalized Parenting Advice in Your Pocket – Learner Mosaic post image

I have always liked Kidaptive Leo’s Pad series. I like how the kids are addressed as holistic persons and how the app is designed to help kids to develop multi-dimensional skills, such as social emotional skills besides knowledge. Now Kidaptive took the part I like the most of the series and expanded it into a separate app Learner Mosaic. It is like a personalized parenting advice handbook. Like Leo’s Pad, it is a free app, but the content it carries… Read More


A quiet countryside place where a farmer is taking a rest under a tree and a colorful fruit cascade are waiting for you!! So roll up your sleeves and take part to the best fruit picking ever. Immerse in the rural atmosphere of Fruit's Jam and pick up the fruit with the rhythm of a pleasant country music! For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: BurnApp Note: App news submitted by app developers are not… Read More

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