Enhance your kids’ focus and logic/deduction skills with Sudoku In Space! They’ll love the bright colors, fun graphics and sounds, and relaxing music. They can learn to play with a step-by-step tutorial, play with colors only or with numbers, and get started with Beginner and Easy level puzzles. Released on App Store on Friday, August […]

Chirp App

How do you share pictures with family and friends? Do you email them? Today I have a Free app that letting you share picture between devices for free instantly. You can even share it with many people just by one click. Chirp is a free app. It transfers files by creating a unique sound profile. […]

New Innovative Kids Puzzle App, Baby Blocks, now Available On App Store For more information, go to the press release. Posted By: Baby Blocks Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the app links before publishing the news. Like to receive future articles for FREE? Sign Up […]

SketchBook Pro App

I have seen some iPad art works on the internet, and I have always wondered how people were able to create the beautiful effects on iPad, like water color, shades of painting, and delicate color changes. I started exploring some of the drawing apps available. It is amazing to see the kinds of drawing capabilities […]

GPS Track Analyzer allows you to record a track with GPS. Ideal for cycling, running, walking and outdoor sports. Available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Andrea Scuderi Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only […]

PAW Patrol Rescue Run App

PAW Patrol Rescue Run is a new app from the TV show PAW Patrol by Nickelodeon. It has been on the top of the sales chart since its launch. I checked it out, and it is a very fun app for kids age 4 to 6, with fun games and good educational content, like colors, […]

Teach Your Monster to Read is a BAFTA-nominated educational game which helps children to practise the first stages of reading. The game is a phonics-based reading adventure for children aged 3-6. Children create their own monster and take it on an adventure through a magical world collecting rewards as their monster learns to read. For […]

Capital City

Parents may think that teaching children to be entrepreneurs is a bit of a lofty goal for an app, but Capital City make it accessible in a way I never thought possible. It makes learning finance and business strategy fun. The machinations of the game are simple: buy properties to earn cash flow.  Then, over time and game […]

mom's library

Welcome to Mom’s Library. Today we share some more book recommendations from our wonderful moms. You know these books are good, because there are from real moms who have read the books themselves and read them with the kids. Here we go: 6 Book Lists for Kids Recommended by Real Moms Art Themed Children’s Books […]

Fruit Shoot

Does your child enjoy imaginative play? I think all kids have great imagination, as long as we let them and encourage them. How to encourage imaginative play? First, give kids free time. They need time to think of stories and activities on their own. Second, provide background knowledge. Read books, watch movies, visit places, meet […]

Mosster Studio, a new digital toy company has launched a fascinating new series of children’s music apps. Mosster’s award-winning creative team has been hard at work designing a series of interactive digital toys that encourage real life learning and interaction beyond the mobile device. For more information, go to the app’s website. Posted By: Mosster […]

Senda and the Glutton Dragon Book App

Do your kids like dragon? Do they like fantasy stories? If yes, they will like Senda and the Glutton Dragon. It is an interactive story book app designed for kids 5 and younger. The story is short and easy, but fun to read. It is a perfect book for a short car ride or a […]

A new app for kids and their parents that makes learning fun! Try it for free! For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Pavel Ryzhikov: Math for Kids: teach numbers Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the app links before publishing the […]

Curious World

Curious World is a new app launched two days ago. It is designed by the same team who developed Curious George’s Curious About Shapes and Colors. With over 20 fun activities, it is designed to encourage kids’ curiosity. It is free to download with one pack of activities free, and one additional pack for free for […]

Lola's ABC Party

Learning alphabet is the foundation of early literacy. In my opinions, there are never too many alphabet books or apps for kids. Today we put together 10 apps helping kids learn their ABCs. We choose the apps that each app is unique in a certain way, and hope no matter what is your child interest […]

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop

Are you a Strawberry Shortcake fan? If you are, you will like their new app Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop. It is an app where kids can make their own sweets, like smoothies, fruit pops, cake pops. There are many similar apps out there. What make this one unique is kids can create their own recipes […]