Splash Math

A while ago, we put together a list of 10 reading programs that continuous offer free books. Today we have a list of free math programs that continuously offer free math practice games and lessons to kids. All programs are available online on computers, and also work on iPhone and iPad. 9 Free Math Learning […]

Prakruthe app labs is going to release a set of Apps intended for Toddlers, young children and Kindergardeners. The series is called tot2Tots collection. One app is free. What a joy to see kids’ smile while they are playing the fun Games. For more information, go to app website. Posted By: Prakruthe App Labs Note: […]

Brainbean app

How often do you do brain exercise? I wish I have done more brain training. Just like our body muscles, our brains need regular exercise to stay sharp. With the fact that we are using our brains every day, which are the best exercises, do we still need additional brain training?  The answer is Yes. […]

Where is the trunk on a tree? What is the name of the colourful parts of a flower? Do butterflies have legs? One of the basic starting points in early science is for children to become familiar with the basic structure of plants, trees and different types of animals, which Naming Parts of Plants and […]


Today I have another math practice website for kids – 10 Monkeys. It also operates well on iPad and iPhone. It covers math from preschool to elementary school on number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are also practices on money and word problems. Geometry problems will be added in the near future. Once […]

Tot the Owl teaches Toddlers About Animals – Free for trial with In App Purchase to unlock the entire app (no subscription or ongoing charges). Differentiating Factor: Different English pronunciations (US, UK, Australia); Reports about kids’ performance. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Prakruthe App Labs Note: App news […]

Tower Math App

Tower Math is a math game app for kids developed by the same developer who created Stack the States and Stack the Countries, which are by far the most popular apps in our household. When my son turned 3 he knew where every state and every country was on the planet because of those apps. […]

Explaining the importance of dental care can be a tricky task with a rambunctious or sleepy toddler, especially when it’s time to wash up for bed. Duckie Deck newest app, With Teeth, teaches youngsters that caring for your teeth is important and fun. The app is now available on the App Store for $0.99. For […]

Mom Library

It is time for Mom’s Library! Today we share science topics you can explore with kids in summer. These topics are fun to explore all year long, but are easier or more fun to do them in summer, such as star gazing, studying bugs. My favorite is the experiment about sun light and light refraction. It is so cool […]

It is a story about little bunny Swifty who did not obey his parents and that’s what happened. All he wants is to return home and.. a little food. The trouble is other animals love carrots too. Don’t let Swifty starve on his way back home. Only you can save him! For more information, go […]

The Wheels On The Bus

I don’t know why we have not reviewed The Wheels on The Bus yet. But with the summer season, especially many travels going on, this is a great collection of on-the-go kids learning activities in one app. We all know young children have short attention span. When you feel that you are just warming up […]

Habitat launched in New York with the help of the international partners at The Wildlife Conservation Society and the Rainforest Alliance. Designed to teach 7 to 12 year-olds ecologically sustainable habits. Habitat the game is free for iOS and Android devices. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Elevator Entertainment […]

Marbly Free App

We recently discovered a new game app that is fun and addictive. It is designed by Alexey Pajitnov, author of the world famous Tetris game.  Kids will learn spacial reasoning, logic thinking, and problem solving, while playing the fun game. The game play is to line up same colored marble in one line – row, […]

We are happy to announce the release of a wonderful fairy “The Three Little Pigs” for iPad! This well-known story turns into a great real motion with interactivity. The adventures are full of funny things for kids, with bright colorful illustrations, touch-and-watch elements that make characters alive. For more information, go to the app on […]

My Incredible Body App

Human being’s body is amazing. There is so much we can learn about our body: the structure, the function, and most amazingly, how the many parts work together to support our daily life. Teaching kids about human body is complex, and I find it easier to have something visual – pictures and, ideally, videos.  Additionally, […]

Kill The Numbers is a new iOS application which is based on numbers. It’s super fun and free of charge. The objective is to stop the numbers from getting to the other side of the screen by zapping them. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Daniel Sadjadian Note: App […]