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Grandpa in Space is a fun learning app about space for kids from preschool to early elementary. It takes kids explore the space and visit the planets. There are learning games built in the space exploration process, so kids also get the chance to use their math and English language skills to solve the problems […]

FREAKS!! is a physics puzzle game like no other. In a very strange universe ruled by the freaks, the princess is trapped, help her escape. Be smart, be fast, be a hero! You must save the princess. But don`t worry, the freaks are made of glass. You can break them into pieces. You can do […]

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With all the school activities, family and work responsibilities, it is hard to fit family night into our busy schedule unless we intentionally plan for it. Do you have family night? What do you do? I have been looking for family night ideas, and find some good family movies and games. I’d love to hear […]

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Welcome to Mom’s Library! While looking through all the link ups from last week, I can’t help noticing all the free printables shared by our readers and friends. It is amazing how much time these moms put into their kids’ learning, and now they are all sharing their creation with us and offer them for […]

Sago Mini Monsters App

Sago Mini has a series apps designed for very young children. Most of their apps are targeted at toddler and preschool kids, although I always had fun with their apps too. Sago Mini Monsters is a fun creative monster app for the same age group. It is free for limited time on Apple App Store. […]

Rush of Rune is a strategy game which innovatively combines city building, TD and classic miniature wargaming in one. It presents you an immersive medieval fantasy world with its gorgeous Pixar-style animation, and thrilling storyline. Rush of Rune is a thinking man’s game, which involves skill, strategy and calculation. For more information, go to the […]

iLiveGrammar App Series

iLiveGrammar is a grammar app, and it is also a science app. It teaches kids grammar with science content, combining grammar and science in one app. There are 3 apps in the series currently: Botany, Autumn, Winter. Each app has 4 lessons, and all lessons are based on a science topic. When open the app, […]

Great story for a great adventure! Alizay, Pirate Girl brings all in one app: story, game, adventure! For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Slim Cricket Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. Like to receive future […]

myHomework Student Planner

Now many families have iPads or other tablets for kids to use at home. More and more schools are using iPads as study tools at school. Mobile devices are great learning tools if we use them appropriately. Through time, we have found many good learning tools that are available on tablets for kids. Today we share […]

Juggling cupcakes? A googly-eyed periscope? A pig wearing a hat? You just never know what animated surprise your child will uncover when they play the uKloo Early Reader App. Download the new award winning uKloo app as a fun introduction to reading! Based on the multi award winning uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt card game. […]

Moon and Sun Book App

Today we have a lovely book app for kids – Moon and Sun. It is a beautiful picture book for young children, with bright pictures and loving tones. With a story about friendship, Moon and Sun is a great book for bed time story time. It is usually $3.99, and it is free for now. […]

Star Walk 2 has just become available on the iTunes AppStore. Star Walk 2 is a sequel of the well-known Star Walk app that was released back in 2008 and has acquired more than 10 million users across the world on iPhone. For iGameMom’s review of Star Walk, please visit Star Gazing Apps For more […]


I recently find a great learning website for kids with tons of fun educational contents: books, games, videos, jokes, … It is so fun, even for me!  It is called mocomi. Since we are posting on iGameMom, you know it functions well on mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. It is based in India, so […]

With over 6 million ebooks created and a no.1 listing in iTunes in 80 countries, Book Creator for iPad has been a great success since launching in 2011. For iGameMom’s review, please visit Create a Book with Book Creator. With Book Creator Free for Android, you get to try the app before you buy. Create […]

Free App Number Pieces

We have introduced several free math apps as teaching tools before. Today we have another free math app to share: Number Pieces. It visualizes the Base 10 concept on the iPad. It is a great teaching and practice tool for home and school. We used Base10 at home a lot. I loved using it with my child […]

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Time for Mom’s Library! Today we share some apple themed learning activities. There are many things we can learn using apples: fine motor, math, language, science, social studies, … Here are just some ideas, and I hope they will serve as starters and spark more learning ideas. 10 Apple Themed Learning Activities Practice Fine Motor […]