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9 Seed Science Activities for Kids

9 Seed Science Activities for Kids post image

It is spring, time for some interesting seed science activities for kids. Have you ever grow any plants from seeds? At the beginning of plants life cycle, seeds are interesting to observe and study. Today we share fun seed science projects for kids.

Science Activities for Kids About Seeds

9 kids science activities about seeds, explore different seed structures, observe seed sprout, and record discoveries. Find out how to set up the experiments so it is easy for kids to observe and measure seedlings. Great spring and garden science projects for kids to study plant life cycle.
For young children you can start with food with seeds. Can you name some food that has seeds in it?

Are all the seeds the same? Collect different seeds, ask kids observe and record different features of different seeds, such as size, color, weight. If you can supervise the kids, and help them cut the seeds open, they can also compare the inside structure of the seeds. This is a great exercise for kids to learn observation, comparison and differentiation.

Pick up a dandelion, and talk about the seeds, and why they are like parachutes. You can even make a paper parachutes of similar structure to test out and learn more about air resistance, and of course how plants disperse their seeds.

Another interesting seed example is from pine cones. Go pick up some pine cones, find the seeds, and watch the seeds fly in the sky.

I still remember dissecting bean seeds when I was in school. Since it is so easy to do, you can do it at home. If you follow the link, you will find a free printable for recording discoveries.

Learn how seeds grow into plants by planting some seeds. This egg shell seedling is an interesting set up and I am sure will be appealing to kids.

If you want to observe the sprouting process, this is a good seedling set up that allow you see the roots.

To be able to easily measure the seeds while it is sprouting, you can plant seeds in CD cases filled with soil. It is easier to do the measurements with the hard flat surface of the cases.

After watching how seeds sprout, you are ready to discuss what seeds need to sprout?

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