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Science Experiments for Kids to Learn About Taste

Science Experiments for Kids to Learn About Taste post image

We shared some cool science experiments for kids to SEE sound, today we continue our science exploration on senses with kids. We will study about taste today. Why we can taste different flavors? Is tongue the only part of our body can taste different flavors? Let’s find out.

Science Experiments for kids to Explore Tastes

Fun science experiments for kids to learn about taste, why can we taste different flavors, why do people have different taste? Does nose play a role in taste? Wonderful resource for 5-senses study with STEM activities for kids of all ages, from preschool, kindergarten, to school age.
Before any science experiments, let’s learn what is taste? How can you taste the food? For young children, they just need know that the taste buds on our tongues send the food taste signals to our brain for us to know different flavors of our food.

The best way to learn about taste, is a taste activity. Try to find many food samples and follow the instruction for a taste exploration. I like the idea of starting with the food that is most typical of the 4 basic tastes, and then ask kids to group all other food into the 4 basic categories.

As mentioned earlier, there are only 4 or 5 basic tastes, and we can use these basic tastes to create many more. This tea taste and mixing experiment is a fun activity for kids to explore the concept and create their own favorite flavors.

Does nose play a role in taste? These kids did a science experiment about it, and they even found out what flavors can be tasted without a nose.

One interesting fact is your need saliva to taste any flavors. Why? Because the chemicals carrying taste from the food must first dissolve in saliva before they can be detected by receptors on taste buds. To prove it, you can dry your tongue with a paper towel before you taste some food. Can you taste it? Now drink some water, then taste the food again. Can you feel the difference?

Do eyes play a role in taste? This Jelly Bean taste experiment will let you know.

Have you noticed that different people may report different flavors on the same food? One way to explain about it is the amount of taste buds on our tongues. This taste bud measuring activity can tell why some one is very sensitive to tastes. One key material for the experiment is paper-hole reinforcers, you can find it on Amazon or some office supply stories.

To learn more about taste, you can read some books about tastes with kids:
Taste and Tasting for preschool age kids
The Sense of Taste is for school age kids

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