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30+ Activity and Craft Ideas to Learn ABC

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Today we are featuring 30 and more activity and craft ideas to learn ABC. ABCs are the first steps towards literacy. Being able to recognize and read the letters are important foundations for kids’ future learning. There are so many different ways to learn alphabet and we share here some of fun ones we loved. Hope you like them too.

30+ Activity and Craft Ideas to Learn ABC

30+ activity and craft ideas for kids to Learn ABC, learning alphabet is hands-on and fun, and is not boring anymore.
Let’s get started:

Learn ABC games based on the book Three Little Kittens. Go find out how can you set up a sensory play and hide and seek game to make the learning fun.

Learn to recognize letters using water beads. This article used light table, but even if you don’t have light table, you can simply leave the letters on regular table and ask kids to find the water beads with marching letters

Outer space themed activities to learn ABCs. My favorite is the name rocket. You have to go visit to see how they did it.

Below are some awesome ideas for single letters. I am sure you can find inspirations for activities to learn other letters.

Pizza themed activities for letter P.

Princess themed activities for letter P.

Activities to Learn the letter M.

22 crafts to learn letter I.

Activities for letter T.

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Looking for more ideas to learn ABC? Please visit 10 Fun Apps Helping Kids Learn ABC, or 45+ Alphabet Learning Activities.

fun apps for kids learn ABC
45 Alphabet learning activities

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  • Anwar

    Great Article,You can also use a app.

  • Jennifer Saarinen

    These are fantastic! Perfect for teaching my home day care kids their ABC’s.

  • PlayDrMom

    Thanks SO much for these wonderful ideas!

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