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4 Creative Sight Word Learning Activities – Mom’s Library

Mom’s Library

It is time for Mom’s Library again.  So far we have shared several creative learning activity ideas:
Creative Alphabet Learning Activities
Creative pattern practice ideas
Creative artistic activities

Today, I am going to sharing more creative learning ideas – creative sight words learning activities.  Sight words are essential to kids reading ability development, and there is no better ways to learn the sight words than repetition.  It can be boring if all we do is to use flashcards.  Here are some creative ways helping kids learn sight words.

This Sight Word Cup Crash is great for active kids.  They not only learn sight words, but also exercise gross motors.  Go find out what the kids have to do with the cups.

Scrabble is a fun game for the family, this mom used Scrabble game to teach sight words.  Visit the article to learn how she did it.

Who doesn’t like scavenger hunt?  Have you ever tried Sight Word Scavenger Hunt?  Check out the nice set up this mom did, so kids can really have fun while playing.

While summer comes to the end, fall is coming, meaning it is close to Trick-o-treat time.  Love this trick-o-treat sight word game tied to a favorite book. Go get the free printables and have some learning fun with your child!

Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas.  Please share more creative learning activities! How about some science activities?

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