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Barefoot World Atlas

I have been always looking for a good world atlas app to help my son learn about the world, a map not just includes geography information, but also about world culture. I have heard so much about Barefoot World Atlas, and finally got a chance to check it out. I was really impressed and love how the app is made, so was my son. The app is based off the print book of the same title. The print book is… Read more

Ranger Rick Jr. Bear App

The Ranger Rick Jr Appventures series is a great app series for kids age 3 to 8 to learn about animals. The Ranger Rick Jr – Bear is the 2nd app in the series. The first app is about Lion. In this 2nd app, kids will learn everything about bears with Ranger Rick Jr. I like apps that are the most comprehensive in their subject matter. They often use varying methods to impart information to your child and common core standards are generally followed. What we… Read more

shape the village

Shape the village is fun shape learning app. It does a terrific job of introducing and then reinforcing shapes to your child. The set is a cute and colorful village of land, sky and sea full of characters made out of very simple shapes. The use of nothing but squares, circles, triangles and rectangles allows a child to see how almost anything can be put together by combining basic shapes. It also makes the characters extra adorable and fun to interact… Read more

The Jungle Book – 3D Interactive Pop Up Book

The Jungle Book – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book is a fun story book for young kids.  It is about Mowgli, the young orphan adopted by wolves. As a story app with lot interactions, it is a good app to engage active kids. It is usually $3.99, and is FREE for limited time. Here is the introduction from App Store: “Join Mowgli on a tropical adventure through the jungles of India as he escapes the clutches of the dangerous Shere Khan… Read more

Dragon Shapes – Geometry Challenge

Have you ever played tangram? The traditional tangram is a 7 piece puzzle game, each piece in a different shape, such as square, triangle, diamond. Using the 7 pieces, you can create endless pictures and patterns. We used to play with it a lot. There are many variations of the game now, and Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge is a great app that expands the original idea to a full array of 50 shape puzzles. Kids will learn to recognize different… Read more

LEGO Fix the Factory

Fix The Factory is a new free app from LEGO. LEGO calls it a puzzle game, but I view it another cool game app teaching kids about programming. The story of the game features a humanoid robot fixing the factory, where battery packs are dropped in all the wrong places.  The players’ jobs are to write instructions in code blocks to guide the robot move to the right spot, pick up the mis-placed batteries, and put them back to the… Read more

Puzzingo Food Puzzles Game

Puzzingo is a set of educational puzzles for toddler and preschool age kids.  We introduced one of their apps Kids Puzzles Puzzingo.  PUZZINGO Food Puzzles Game for Toddlers & Kids is another one from them, and it is free for limited time. Upon entering the app, kids are asked to break a gift box to see the puzzle pieces that they can pick from to decide which game they want to play – it could be refrigerator, dining room, or… Read more

Minti Kids Fruits and Veggies

Looking for a great app that makes learning about fruits and veggies fun? Then this app is just what you’re looking for. It’s for those early iPad/iPhone users: ages 18 months to 5 years. This puzzle app exposes children to various fruits and veggies. The game focuses on name recognition of fruits and vegetables as well as motor development while the child swipes the puzzle pieces until the image lines up. Puzzles are a great tool for helping children develop… Read more

BeBop Blox

If you are looking for a fun preschool puzzle app then this app is for you! Bebop blox is a new App from the creators of some of our other favorites like Endless Alphabet, The Monster at the end of this book and Thomas: Hero of the Rails, Callaway Digital Arts. Wooden blocks have been used by kids for generations for building and creating. Bebop Blox is a shape matching puzzle with colorful wooden blocks. You may have seen real life puzzles like this already. This… Read more

Magickid Train

Magikid Train app is a matching puzzle game targeted toward 5-8 year olds. Puzzles are great for child development as it helps them recognize patterns, stimulates cognitive development, and teaches color and shape recognition. There is also a free version of this app, which I like because I can check out the free version before buying it to make sure I like it or not. If you do like it, I highly recommend purchasing the full version as it has… Read more

Live Puzzle! is a new kind of puzzle for kids. Forget the static jigsaw puzzles, here children are amazed by cartoon animations never stopping: the scene keeps moving while kids drag and drop the puzzle pieces. The app is free with no In-App purchase, available for iPhone, iPod, iPAD, and Android. For more information, go to Live Puzzle! Forest Animals website/ Posted By: Kidoteca – Apps for Curious Kids Like to receive future articles for FREE? Sign Up Below… Read more

Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure

Today we will introduce two travel themed maze games reviewed by Iona Burchell.  In Mom’s Library, we are featuring learning activities about nature, that can lead to more exploration while you travel.  First let’s see what apps Iona is bringing to us – Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure and Roxie’s Doors by OCG Studios and Roxie Munro are highly visual apps. These apps are designed by people who really know how to make the most out of their interactivity. Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation… Read more

The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure

What fun Apps!   The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure is based on Mercer Mayer’s classic book of the same title and features his incredible original artwork.  It is a story book app with two options. One is to go on a Reading Adventure, two is to just read the story yourself, which is a great option for this app as the Reading Adventure can take a long time. On this adventure the whole Critter Family needs to get to Lake Wakatookee for… Read more

Little Things Forever

Little Things Forever is FREE for limited time, from $2.99. It is a beautifully made ISPY type of game, yet very different.  When you start the game, you see a big picture with bright vibrant color, and as it zooms in, you will see this big picture is made of many small pictures of objects.  You job is to find the objects listed out for you. There are three play modes in this app. One is not timed; You can take… Read more

It is a Small World

Three Disney story apps are on promotion price this weekend, one is FREE.  There are all great apps, if you like them, this is a good time to buy. It is a Small World ($1.99 from $3.99): an interactive sing-along storybook app that shares the beauty and peace between cultures around the world. Featuring the original Sherman Brothers’ song lyrics and Disney amusement park ride of the same name, the app takes kids on a world-class adventure via a hot air balloon… Read more