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What are on iGameMom & How to Find Them?

Welcome to iGameMom!

On iGameMom, you will find many fun STEM learning ideas for kids. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. You will see themed and seasonal STEM activities to use at home or to add to your classroom. You will also find many STEM learning resources, such as websites, apps, games, books, and movies and videos. As a STEM focused website, iGameMom also share tech tips that will make your life easier.

Why shall I visit iGameMom?

Would you like to raise children who are interested in science, math, tech and engineering? Do you want your child to have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills? Would you like to foster your child’s interest in learning, exploring, and still be a child and happy at the same time? Do you feel it is taking too much time to find the right teaching ideas for your kids? Is it taking too much time to make the right teaching materials?

If you answer YES to any of the questions, iGameMom is for you. iGameMom’s goal is simple: help parents, teachers, and homeschool families find fun and engaging ways to better kids learning experience.

How to find things I am looking for on iGameMom?

Make sure to use the navigation menu that is right under the iGameMom LOGO. This is what you will find under each tag:
Free Resources: good free websites, programs, and apps that we reviewed and used;

STEM for Kids: thematic science, math, engineering, and computer coding learning ideas.

Learning Resource by Age: find learning activity ideas and resources based on kids age.

Learning Resource by Subject: find activities and resources by subjects, such as art, math, science, social studies, games.

Movies and Videos: thematic movies and YouTube videos for kids, such as movies about real scientists, movies about history of Thanksgiving, Math YouTube channels for preschool kids.

Tech Tips: helpful tech tips, such as how to lock iPhone and iPad screen within one app, and how to limit screen time on mobile devices, and how to have unlimited photo storage on your phone for free.

In the mean time, don’t forget the two big series we have that you can find above iGameMom logo:
Best Educational Apps for Kids, grouped by Age and Subject
Best Learning Tools for Kids by Skills and Topics, such as handwriting, counting, storytelling.

Specifically, what can I find on iGameMom?

The categories shown on our navigation menu give you a broad idea what you can find on iGameMom. Here are some example posts on iGameMom, so you can have better ideas what are in each categories.

Free Teaching and Learning Resources
9 Free Math Websites for Kids
10 Free Reading Programs Continuous Offering Free Books for Kids
10 Free Non Fiction Reading Websites for Kids

STEM Activity Ideas
500 Science Activities for Kids for Each Month of the Year
5 Crucial Computer Coding Skills You Can Teach at Home Without Computers (with a free printable coding game)
10 Outdoor Math Activities for Kids

Age and Subject Specific Learning Ideas and Resources
Best Science Apps for School Age Kids
STEM Activities for Preschool Kids
Best Spelling Learning Tools for Kids

Movies and Videos for Kids
15 Science YouTube Channels Kids Love
18 Movies to Build Resilience in Kids
Family Friendly Movies to Watch with Kids on New Years Eve

Tech Tips for Busy Parents
7 Must Do Steps Before Kids Touch a New iPad
How to Set Screen Time Limited on iPad and iPhone – a simple feature
Engaging Kids in Interactive Learning with Tablets During Travel

It is hard to give a complete picture with limited examples. Feel free to explore on the site, and if you are looking for anything in particular, you can use the Search function on the side panel.

Where else can I find iGameMom?

You can also find iGameMom on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter, and RSS.

Pinterest: It is a good place to find all iGameMom posts on the iGameMom.com board. In addition, there are boards for Free Teaching Resources, Science Activities, Coding for Kids, Engineering for Kids, Parenting Tips, Book Lists for Kids, App Lists for Kids. Pinterest is one of my favorite place to visit. Follow iGameMom on Pinterest HERE.

Facebook: in addition to learning ideas, iGameMom shares on Facebook provoking parenting and teaching thoughts.

Google+: since Google+ introduced community, iGameMom has been on G+ more and more. Follow iGameMom on G+ HERE. Visit the Educational App community if you are looking for more fun apps for kids.

Instagram: This is a place we focus on sharing STEM ideas. We share daily STEM activities, teaching ideas, from all different sources. Follow iGameMom on Instagram HERE.

Twitter: iGameMom shares learning ideas, tech tips, and anything she found from her twitter friends on tech trends, parenting, and teaching. To follow iGameMom on Twitter, click HERE.

RSS: an easy way to follow all the posts from iGameMom. Click HERE to follow iGameMom by RSS.

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    • Thanks for stopping and leaving the encouraging note. I agree we need find ways to better leverage the technology in education.

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    Took me a while to find you after your shift from Wordpress, but I’m glad I did! Yours was the first site I thought of when I needed tips for my daughter’s new iPad! Thanks for such invaluable information on educational apps.

    • so glad you find iGameMom again. Thanks for taking the time find me! You made my day!

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    Love the site! Wish I still had some four-year-olds or 8 year-olds to buy learning games for, I guess I’ll have to wait for grandkids.

    • I wish I could go back to school again, all these cool apps will make the learning much more fun and easier!

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    You have a very cool site here full of info! My daughter is a gamer and I will be sure to check this out often and have her take a look as well. There are SO many out there, it’s difficult to keep track or know what’s good or not so good, so thanks for your hard work!

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    I am so glad to find your site. It is a wealth of resources.
    After I get everything up and running I would love to highlight your site.
    All the best,
    Sarah Tharpe Winchell

    • Thanks for visiting and leaving the note. Hope you find some apps you like.

  • Emily Levitt

    Still enjoying your site immensely! I downloaded an app about bugs that you reviewed recently and my sons are obsessed. Thanks very much for the reviews and showing us which apps are worthwhile. Happy summer!

    • Thanks Emily! Glad you sons like the bug app. It is a good season to learn about bugs.

  • Angela Addington

    We want your recommendations on apps for kids on our link up – lots of parents look here for recommendations. Begins at 9am on May 25.

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    • Welcome Bethany – to iGameMom and to the blogging world. I learned a lot since I started. It is a lot work, but it is a lot fun too.

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    I like your site, and look forward to spending some time on your blog…especially with 4 little ones 11 years old down to 2!!

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    I have Grand Children now so it’s nice to be able to know what is available for them. I was quite ignorant until recently of the value of these type of apps and games.

    • Mary, thanks for stopping by. There are great apps. I didn’t know till I start searching hard πŸ™‚ and that is way I created this website. Hope you can find some good apps for your grand children.

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    • Thanks for your visit. Hope you can find some apps that meet your need. If not, let me know. I will see how I can help.

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    • That is what I am here for. Just like we want them eat nutritious food, read good books, we want them play great educational games. Enjoy!

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    • Thank you so much for recognizing the hard work! It is time consuming, but this is exactly why I am here, so other parents don’t have spend the time on app search.

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    • welcome to iGameMom. Thanks for the visit and the note. Hope you will find some apps helpful πŸ™‚ As a good place to start, the “Best Educational Apps” lists I just started compiling. You can find them HERE.

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    • Thanks for visiting and encouraging words. I simply hope more parents look into this for their kids – digitalized learning is the trend that no one can stop.

  • Hi iGameMom, I’m from New Zealand and we have a national treasure called Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy(as in dairy products cream, butter etc. In N.Z. we call a corner store a dairy). Hairy Maclary is a delightful set of books aimed at pre-schoolers and early readers about a mischievous scruffy dog and his friends. Hairys’ first book has just been released as a iPad interactive story and I think you should review it. You can find out more about Hairy Maclary by Lynley Dodd by checking out the internet. Thanks

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    • You are welcome. From my experience, knowing more about my son’s games and being able to offer some fun apps (and educational) he likes, these do bring my son closer to me. Maybe he feels there are more to talk about with me?

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  • Thank you for your visits to my blog! Today I was talking to another mom and we were wondering whether digital textbook publishers have started integrating videos, music, recordings, etc. into their books. For example, instead of reading about Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, kids could click on a button in their digital history text and either hear a recording or watch a video of the historic speech. Do you know if any of the publishers are doing this yet?
    Good luck with this site!

    • Quite a few publishers are doing this now. Check out the Britannica Kids. They use multimedia materials to enrich the content. Please take a look at my review here, and let me know if this is what you are looking for.

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    Thanks for stopping by our blog at 6 Sweet and Sour! Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

    • you said it so well. I believe TV, iPAD, Computer are tools. The key is how to use them to a good purpose and in a good way.

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    • Thank you! Glad you find my site helpful. Please help spread the word, telling your parent friends about this site.

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    • You are welcome! Come visit more. I have not posted apps for older kids as often as I wanted, but I will …

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    • I’d love to cover PC games, but for now, I don’t have the time to cover all. Maybe sometime …

  • What a great site. Led here by your likes (thanks for those). Wish I could afford an iPad – some apps look brilliant, but will have to stick with the PC stuff πŸ™
    Back soon!

    • there are some are available on PC also. I will try to point out if I know. Sometimes, it is hard to cover all though.

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    And thanks for all of your support!


    • Jen, unfortunately, the focus of igamemom is applications on mobile devices, in particular, iPhone, iPod and iPAD, for now.

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    • There are good apps for 2 year olds. Simple go to the tap “Age 1-3“, you will find quite a few.

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    • You come to the right place. All apps reviewed here are high quality educational apps. I don’t post anything that I don’t think is good.

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    • Thank you. Yes, please share the info with any one you think might benefit. Educational App is a growing area. I hope more families are aware of the resources.

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    This is a great site, thank you! I have a question/suggestion. My son often comes home and says “can I download game X?” that one or other friend already has. I then go and try to work out if it is age appropriate (I find that my definition of appropriate is not always the same as some of his friends’ parents). It would be great if I could search your site for “game X” to see what age range you recommend it for. Is that possible? When I use the Search option I find the game, but the age range is not indicated.

    Also I found the Scribblenauts App very good for improving my nearly 8 year old son’s desire to spell words correctly, not sure if you’ve seen that one. It’s also good for the imagination, he is constantly trying to think of new combinations of items to request.

    Thanks, Julia

    • Julia,
      Thank you very much for your suggestion. I try to put age range for the app. But all kids are different, it is hard to have a definite age range. What I did is to explain what the app does, and the app content. For example, for some math apps, I will usually include what kinds of math practice it is (two digit multiplication vs. single digit addition), so the parents know if it is the right app for their kids. As for some game apps, I try to describe what is in the game, and most times, I will mention age differently, such as kindergarten, elementary kids. I guess it is not clear all the time, I will try to make them stand out more.
      Are there any particular games you are trying to decide on?

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    • Sure it does. It is so different now, and takes a lot to learn – not just for the kids, for parents too.

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    From this not so techno capable Mum (NurseNoosha)
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    • Thanks for letting me know your interest area. There will be more reviews for that age group coming!

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    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hope you will find something helpful. All apps here are hand picked and tested. Let me know if you have any good apps …

  • Thank you, igamemom for stopping by and the “like.” You’ve put together a great resource for those of us with young, school-aged children. Our latest (and favorite) app discovery is “stack the states.”. It’s pretty cool for the kiddos and the adults!

    • Stack the States is one of my favorite too! Come back visit more. I am sure you are going to discover more cool apps!

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    I agree with Rob, Lianne, Carey and all the other 357+ parents and teachers who like your web site. Nice work. Our kids are 16 and 18 now. Like many of us, they are slightly addicted to computers. Thank you for bringing the software news to my site.

    Kevin Pedersen

    • Thank you Kevin! I am sure the teenagers know more about apps, computer stuff than most of us parents. Even my son at 10 seems know more than me. This is exactly why I want to run this website – hope what I am doing can help keep me close to my son, and help other parents stay in the trend …

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      Glad you find something helpful. Khan Academy App is great, and it is free. Hope you son will like it.

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      There are quite few good apps designed for babies and toddlers. You can go to “search by age and subject” on the left panel and search for apps for “1-3 year old”. Another way to find those apps is to go to my Pinterest site at pinterest.com/igamemom. I have a board set up for “Apps for baby and toddler”. Those are all fun and educational apps. Little ones will have fun playing and learn something at the sametime.

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    • iGameMom

      Thank you Leslyn. I cannot agree more with you. iPAD/iPhone or TV/Computer should never be used as baby sitter. They should be tools to help us engage with our children and to improve the learning experience, so it is fun and kids want to do more and to learn more!
      Thanks for the note. Please visit more and share the site with your friends who you think may benefit from the info here.

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  • Free Family Technology Educates Parents, Grandparents to the β€œRight Game for the Right Kid”

    Dear iGameMom,

    Hope you’re having a good week and hoped an email would be a less obtrusive way to connect… say, summer is a time when a lot of video games come out…

    And I was eager to suggest that the non-profit ESRB – which rates video games – is a critical tool for parents and many grandparents, who are growing statistically as the primary caregiver in this economy. That’s because it’s as important to know what games children are playing just as they’d want to know what they’re watching on TV or doing on the Internet…

    Most folks are familiar with the movie ratings, but they may be less knowledgeable about the six video game ratings… The ESRB (www.esrb.org) can make education easy as a one-stop resource – from its photo and voice apps – to a very detailed website, which objectively explains why a game was rated the way it was:


    I hoped to please share more about what a great resource the ESRB is, but also wanted to point but add that ESRB President and mom of two daughters (Ms.) Pat Vance is an industry expert and role model, whose unique perspective can include discussion about games in the home, the β€œright game for the right child”, how a game gets rated and how they are striving to focus on educating the public…

    I also have some great artwork to accompany this β€œnews you can use” opportunity, which would come in especially handy during summer travel… the mobile photo / voice app is especially handy as it can be used while on the road or at a retail store before a flight…

    May I please connect you with a little more on the ESRB and / or connect you with Pat?

    Education is empowerment and it’s especially important when 90 percent of the time a child buys a video game, a parent or guardian is there… it’s critical caregivers understand the ratings and the resources available to them… Pat would also have her Top Five ways of picking a game she could share…

    Please write or call (913.642.5767, KC) anytime and I’d be eager to help however I can, and will be standing by…

    Take care and thanks in advance!!

    • iGameMom

      Thanks for reaching out. My bad that did not have any contact info on the site. My email: contact@igamemom.com.
      ESRB has a lot great information. I will definately explore more. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me via email.

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      This is part of the motivation for me as well. Now my son starts talking about his games with me now…

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  • I love your blog — it’s so helpful for all us moms who are trying to keep ahead of what All. These. Apps. do.

    I just nominated you for a “One Lovely Blog Award” here (http://wp.me/p2du4c-a1). Please don’t feel obligated to play along — it’s just a fun thing to say “I like your blog! Really, I do!”

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      Thank you Joan! It is so nice to know that people like my blog and appreciate my work. I am not sure I can get to this anytime soon, but really appreciate it!

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  • HI Thanks for liking my blog. I think your blog is agreat idea – we could all use more info on what’s available….now to get me an iphone!!!

    • iGameMom

      That would be a first step… or some apps have windows version, so you play on your computer. For example: cut the rope.

  • Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE your site! There’s great information and some really cool things on here I can do with my nephews πŸ™‚

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      Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed reading your nephews’ stories. I can see them liking some of the apps here.

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      Thank you! I am not sure I will have time to do this, but will try. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support! Every like and comment all meant a lot to me!

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      Thank you Diana. Hope to see you more at iGameMom!

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    • iGameMom

      Thanks for stopping by, Rex. Please come back for more app ideas. I remember those frustrating moments, and looking back, we laugh at them.

  • Thanks for visiting my review site. I think between the reviews of children’s books on Kid Lit Reviews and the game and app reviews you do, the two sites compliment each other nicely. Do you list blogs you like? Maybe we could do a reciprocal thing.

    In any event, thank you for visiting my site. I hope you are a follower. I do like your site. It is full of gems. Your readership is phenomenal–236 comments before this one? That is a big WOW! in my book.

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      What a good idea. You have a wonderful site for children’s books. I listed you on my resource page. Will you add me? Thanks for stopping by and making the wonderful suggestion.

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      It is hard. Unfortunately this is not the topic for this site. But if you google search on how to increase blog traffic you will find a lot articles.

  • You are very smart to be visiting others’ sites, and I, too, thank you for “liking” my Weightless in Water site. Looks like you home school…I went to a small school as a teacher along with my kids who were students. Pretty close to home schooling, but lots more kids involved.
    You are providing a very good service here. I will send your site to my son and daughter-in-law. They have two youngsters who are way smarter than I am, and they will need all the ammo they can get to guide these precious ones into the information age. Good for you!! God Bless.

    • iGameMom

      Susan, Thanks for stopping by! Hope your children and grandchildren will like my site like your do. πŸ™‚

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      Thank you Jazzae! You are very creative, no wander you can homeschool. I can never imagine I home-school my child. I do hope my research on educational app will help some home-school families. Please help spread the words to people who you think may benefit from the site.

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      Thanks for sharing the site with people you know, and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Educational App is an area developing so quickly, we have to keep up with the trend …

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      Thank you for your note. Please do come back and help spread the words to people who may find it helpful.

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      Not sure I can compete with the 7 supermoms on your list, but thank you very much for the encouraging words! Glad you like the recommendations here. Please keep me posted on how you son like them.

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      Thank you for the encouragement! I really need it! πŸ™‚

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      Ha, I was just like you several months ago. πŸ™‚ I am sure there are quite few parents like you and me. The technology world is waking up and finding the great opportunities in Education area …. There are a lot apps out there, it could be hard to tell which one is good and worth paying. Hope the info here will be helpful… Come back visit and tell you friends who can use the information here.

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    Your site looks great–as a new iPad owner, I’m excited to see what’s out there to amuse and entertain my toddler daughter, especially given that we’ll be flying cross-country this summer… Happy Friday!

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    Thanks for the interest. I love what you are doing!

  • Mummy Drinks Tea

    I used to work in the video game world, specifically with kids’ games, and at that time “edutainment” products were pretty weak. Good to know times are changing. Great site.

    • I almost feel now we have too many – so many that it is hard to pick …

  • predsgal

    I checked out the apps you have listed for ages 6+, and you have two of my son’s favorites – Cut the Rope and Where’s my Water. He loves those, and I certainly don’t mind him playing them.

  • attentiontoeating

    Awesome job on your site. If we can take care of our kids’ food and fun, we’re all good!

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    I’m a tech and education geek, so I love what I see here.

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    You are doing a great service in your blog! My children are all grown but I will definitely pass info about your blog to several people I know with younger kids.

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    I’ve been reading your posts and this is great information for any parent. My daughter won’t reach the stage for quite some time but it’s good to know that you’ve got ideas for many of the questions I’m likely to have!

    • Thanks for the nice comment! For young babies, there are also some neat apps. FruitNinja is one, it trains hand eye coordination, and it is fun. There are also some books you can use, since most kids book apps have “read it for me” option, little one will for sure like them. Go to the “search by kids age and subject” function in the middle of the right panel, search by age. For you, it will be “age 0-3”, you will see quite a few apps for babies, including books, puzzles.

  • mollykelash

    My biz partner and I have developed a non-game app for teens called TeenSphere to help them with mental health, relationship and substance abuse issues. I need your advice — we’ll be on a podcast of “Mom Enough” early this summer (though we’re recording next week) to talk about our app. It’s great, but they want us to also discuss apps that help younger kids with emotional and mental health stuff, and we’ve had a tough time finding any…suggestions?

    • Looks like an interesting app. I am looking for some apps in that area too. Will post if I find them. Come back visit or sign up following the blog to stay updates.

  • the stay at home philosopher

    Maybe you can recommend an app that teaches the kids about keeping our world clean? Thanks for your work.

  • cobyjean

    This is such a great idea and resource! I used to work for a company called Edmark — they developed educational software — kids learn so many skills without even realizing it, if the tools/toys they’re given help promote them!

  • Matt Wilson

    I love your site and ideas. More adults need to realize that things like video games aren’t hindering our children’s educations, they are a part of their education. You’re going to need to hire a full time staff though, because social media is going to get flooded with educational games very soon.

    • Can’t agree more, Matt. You are right on both: how we view video games in education, and how quickly the games market is growing.

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    What a great idea for a blog btw! I follow you now and I can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Maya. I guess the best to thank everyone is to post more! πŸ™‚

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    Be encouraged!

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    • Thank you Melody. You have such a great experience, like your global perspectives.

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    • Thank you! Hope you can find something helpful!

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    • Thanks for visiting. Come back when they are ready.

      • kelloggs77

        We recently got an Xbox Connect and so far, my kids only have interest in one game, and they don’t play it very often (while my husband SAID he got it for the kids, I’m pretty sure he also had himself in mind, since he plays it the most). But I’m sure sooner than later they will be ready to branch out.

        • Sound like my family. The toys, games my husband chooses for my son are often the ones he likes and plays more. This makes him my son’s hero. Whenever the boy gets stuck on a game, he goes to daddy for help. πŸ™‚

  • WordsIUse

    Nice site. I see this as potentially very helpful as my kids grow. Thanks!

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    As I am neither a mom nor a dad, the only thing I feel I can add (however facetiously), is that my younger brother and I bonded over Halo. We learned the invaluable life skills of teamwork, communication and alien warfare… And he joins the Marines in June! So there you go.

  • jennysserendipity

    I wish I could be a child again and have all the gadgets like what kids are having now.

  • G&F

    Your blog is just another reason I wish my kids were still small. It’s terrific.

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    I just started allowing my 9 1/2 year old son to start playing with video games this past 2011 Christmas so this site will be very useful to me!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to upload information for Everyone.

    • Video games are not all bad. The key is how we guide them. Glad to know my work is helpful.

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    • Thank you for your visit. You have a very informative site too.

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    • Thanks for visiting. I had found some good apps for older kids, and plan to evaluate them. Come back more, hope you will find something interesting.

  • pjMom

    What a neat site! I’m just exploring the world of apps for my daughter, nearly 4 (who wants to play with my phone all the time!) We strictly limit her game and tv time to … nearly nonexistant, but I’m trying to allow a little more.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I was like you, limited my son’s game time, till I found some educational games. Their life will be differenct from ours, we have to keep up … that’s why this blog….

  • nooneofanyimport

    You have a lot of good info here. Funny, just last week a homeschooler was telling me about Singapore Math, and I had been researching it online and liking what I saw. I’ll definitely be back to check out all the cool and fun educational links and apps,


    • Thanks for stopping by. I have not tried Singapore math. But if you are home schooling, it worth a try for sure.

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    I am impressed by your thoughtfulness and attention to app detail. Your blog is a must-read for parents!

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    this is a great idea for a site. My son is always wanting to play with my phone on the long rides and I never know what games are worth the few bucks.


  • frenchfry36

    Interesting blog you’ve got here… I’m a yet-to-be-published children’s book author and your site has made me wonder about looking into electronic versions – it’s a technological world these days and the little ones just jump straight in don’t they?

    • Yes. The traditional books definately will still have their position. But we should not ignore the new trend …
      Thanks for visiting!

  • noodleandgoo

    Glad I found your site! There’s so much out there for kids – will definitely be checking up here for suggestions – definitely need to get The Lorax one you recommend!

    • Thanks for stop by. Lorax is a good one. Good content (of course) and good app design, and less cost than the paper book.

  • Christine (The Brighter Side of Life)

    Wow – your blog looks like an amazing resource. So glad to learn about it, as my older son (5 1/2) is heading into that age.

    • Thanks for visiting. Come back more. I enjoyed your blog – helped me notice the small things in life and stay positive! Keep them coming.

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    • Thank you! You have two very cute girls. Enjoy – and find some good games to share with them. Come back more!

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    I like the educational elements here, especially since I have a 7-year-old!

    • Educational is the focus of this blog. If I let my son play games, I’d rather him learn something while playing. Thanks for visiting.

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    I’m trying to figure out just how much I’ll need to know about games and apps — oldest grandchild is 2! I’ll study on your blog.

    • Thank you. The learning is really a new journey! Hopefully, we can all share we learned, so it won’t be as hard.

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    Your blog is so informative. Following!

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    Kudos for what you accomplishing with your blog. Keep the children, children. Let them grow up slowly and enjoy every bit there is about being a child.

    Be encouraged!

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    It’s amazing how the world has changed and the educational opportunities available at your fingertips for kids! The learning and teaching changed so much.

    • yes, it is hard to keep up. Hope this blog can help the busy parents a little bit.

  • Jeff Vrabel

    Been pretty successful about monitoring our 8-year-old’s video game exposure so far, as long as said video games don’t include the flinging of angry birds at things. That one we’ve lost all control over. πŸ™‚ Great site! – J.

    • Thanks! Yes, Angry birds are addictive, and could be exhausting sometime.

  • martaliddiard

    Thanks for the recent “like” Ia m still new around here. Definitley gettting the Berenstein App, for me. lol Cheers!

    • Thanks for stop by. I am glad you find an app you like! Come visit more.

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    Thank you for the ideas. Very informative!

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    I’m now following you, my techie husband will love to see the apps he can download for our kids!

    • Thanks for visiting. Hope you husband can find some games here. Please let me know which they decided on and how they like the games.

  • JRPittman

    I love the ideas from you – with three kids, finding games they like to play that I’m willing to let them play is a huge struggle. Here’s to hoping your site will help reduce the arguments!

    • Yes, there are so many out there. It take a lot time to figure them out. Hopefully, with my research, the blog can save your some time.

  • Author MelindaTripp

    I wrote to you on Facebook, I am so grateful to have found you, my grands that I am preschooling,(retired teacher, author, National child safety advocate and preschooling love my iPad and now I have a researching resource! I am downloading like crazy!!

    • Thank you! Child Safety is such a good topic. I am happy to find you, and now following you on facebook.

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    Thank goodness for your site…makes me feel much better about my lack of know how when it comes to all things tech.

    • Great. Come back more! πŸ™‚
      Enjoyed your writing. Keep them coming.

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    Creative and useful ideas!

  • NewMamma

    I am always on the lookout for new games and apps that my son can play. There’s so many out there, so another Mom’s recommendation always helps!

    • Thank you NewMamma. Yes, there are so many apps out there. Hopefully, this blog can help the treasure hunt. Have fun!

  • Rachel

    Great site!

  • myownprivatemind

    Cool site idea!

  • barefoot1of4

    Singapore Math, the Primary Series, is awesome. Interesting that you have a link to their site. That’s a straight and solid area of our cow trail. Thanks for visiting Barefoot on a Cow Trail.

    • I found SingaporeMath by accident. I really like it. How do you use it? Like your blog, keep on writting!

      • barefoot1of4

        A homeschooling mom turned me onto it. I used the CD-ROMs with my kids too and thanks to that, they can all effect wonderful British accents when they want to, typically when they are in trouble. Crafty little monkeys! Harder to discipline a Brit for some reason. Thank you for the encouragement. How do you use Singapore math?

        • I have not started yet. A friend give me a set of math books from China school. Once I finish those, I am going to order some books from the SingaporeMath. I looked at the sample pages, they are pretty good.

          • *anna

            We’ve used SM and it’s been great! Not the cd’s just the books. You can very often find them for less at places like ABE http://www.abebooks.com/
            I was going to comment about your tutorial for the ipod touch, but got sidetracked here…
            We just got dd her first ipod (she’s 12.75…not 12 mind you). Not being a tech person myself the fellow at BestBuy showed me how to do the deed. Another woman came by and started a conversation, wondering what we were doing? When I said putting parental controls on the ipod she looked at me funny. I then asked if many people do this, her estimation was no, they don’t. I was very surprised. Not sure her info is accurate, but could that be true? Am I really that much of an old fuddy dud?
            Thanks for this site. It’s nice to find a place where homeschooling and tech questions meld so nicely.

            • techsnoopshelper

              A lot of parents don’t know about the controls and most don’t know how to set them and are embarrassed to ask. I talk to them everyday, they don’t want to admit their kids know more than them. I applaud you for doing this at the point of purchase.
              By the time I get the kid’s devices, there is always inappropriate material on them.

              • I think we all have to admit that in certain areas kids know more than us …

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