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Be a Master Painter with PlayArt

PlayArt App

PlayART is a very creative art app.  Using elements taken from the original art works of five master painters: Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, Henry Rousseau, and Paul Klee, kids can create their own master pieces and save the work in the museum within the app.  Some example elements are the sunflowers from Van Gogh, fruits from Cezanne, lily pads from Monet.  Currently there are over 100 art elements in the app.  Kids can choose the elements they like, move, rotate and change the size of the elements.  They can also choose the canvas background for their paint.  For each art creation, kids are not limited within elements from one artist.  They can choose art elements from different artists and put them into “my favorites”, then mix elements from all five artists into one piece of art work.

Under Artist section, there is a brief video introduction of each artist and their master pieces.  Kids can also check out the master pieces where the elements are taken from in the Museum.  Also in the Museum, are the art works kids created themselves. PlayArt App

To encourage kids create their own arts, PlayArt launched another app, PlayArt Museum, featuring all the art works created by kids using PlayArt.  In this app, kids play the game “Spot the Difference” on submitted kids art works.  It is a great way to showcase children’s artistic creativity and have fun at the same time.  Any one who wants his/her art creation be featured in the app, can email the art work to playart@tapook.com.

iGameMom Comments:

PlayArt found a fun way to teach children about the master artists and their masterpieces.  Kids will learn to appreciate the great art work, enjoy the creation of their own masterpieces, and feel empowered with their own creativity.

Both PlayArt and PlayArt Museum work on iPAD only.  PlayArt is $3.99 on App Store, PlayArt Museum is FREE.
If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
PlayArt PlayART by Tapook - Tapook Publishing      PlayArt Museum PlayART Museum - Tapook Publishing

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  • Wow! I found you when you liked one of my posts yesterday. I never imagined that so many wonderful, intelligent apps for children even existed.

    Thank you for compiling them all here for us relatively non-techie people to find easily.

    • Hope you will find something you like! The easy way is to go through the age menu or subject menu under the iGameMom logo.

  • Becky

    This would be such a fun app for my grandson! Alas, I only have an Android, so I can’t be his fun grandma hero, but I will tell my daughter about it–thanks for the review!

    • Not on this one, but there are quite few apps for Android. Check them out HERE.

      • Becky

        Hey, thanks for the link! Maybe Grandma’s house can be the fun place to be after all, lol!

  • The thought that my kids or me could be a master painter is hard to fathom.

  • That sounds like a great app!

  • I think I need this for ME!!!

  • Oh, wow, I think I need to get this one for my budding artist…

  • My son would freak out over this app! Thanks for posting about it.

  • This looks really cool! Thanks for the helpful reviews.

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